Audéo SMART IX with Target 2.0

I am a long time (50 years) hearing aid wearer. I am 59 years old. My most recent aid was a Phonak micropower, which I loved.
Earlier this year, I purchased two Audeo Smart IX, which, no matter how hard my audiologist tried, could not get to sound as good as the micropower. I finally gave up and accepted that this aid would not sound as natural and clear as my previous aids. Before the micropowers, I had Oticon Adaptos.

Last week, I called my audiologist and asked if she would load Phonak Target 2.0 software into my aids. I had her load the recommended target into my aids without making any changes at all. After two days of evaluation, this is the closest any software had gotten my aids on the first try. I did return on last Thursday to have Sound Recover turned off. That fixed a distorted sound I had at times.

If you have the Phonak Spice aids and are not totally satisfied, I recommend that you try version 2 software. While I was in the audi’s office, we called Phonak and they admitted that version 1 tried too hard to remove the soft sounds that many of us need. That is one of the things fixed in version 2.

I wish that we did not need to go through the hassle of version 1, but it seems to me that they got it right with version 2.

By the way, on 12/1, I picked up my ComPilot which I will write about in the Bluetooth section.

I’m scheduled to pick up my phonak Naida this week. I did make sure that they had the latest software during my last visit (hearing test). I’m am very curious to explore this sound recover option. Could you explain more why you had this feature turn off?

Looking forward to your review of compilot, this is something I may also get if these aids work out.


Target 2.0 is the new fitting program used to program our aids and must be used if you want the new Spice+ software on your aids.

I had my aids upgraded to Spice+ about ten days ago and found that the major improvement for me was the sound quaility when listening to TV, radio, and particularly music. I haven’t had the Spice+ long enough to coment on other aspects of the upgrade other than to say that there were no negatives.

It has been two weeks since I upgraded to Target II. I am still totally pleased with the results. From experience, I accept that I am a difficult to please customer for my audiologist, but Phonak has gotten it right with this software version.

I do have “Stereo Zoom” and “Zoom Control” installed as manual programs. In Target 1, these were both useless because of the poor sound quality. Now with the new software, they both really work well and can be useful in some situations.


thanks for the post.

When I trialed the pre-spice smart aid I definitely felt like the aid was too aggressive in weeding out noise. think soundflow was the culprit.

But later on I found out that target provide the audi with a feedback manager button and a recalculate button. both of which I believe had to be pressed after each series of adjustments. I suspect that this was actually the big reason why my trial with the smart aid failed. I highly doubt if my audi knew about this as the person was new to the smart aid at the time and the programming software. do you know if your audi used these features?

How about the others on the board? are your audis aware of these buttons? Are these buttons still in Target 2.0? I suspect they are being run automatically now.

Soundflow can sometimes change settings too frequently. The sensitivity of it’s changing can be changed so that it is more or less sensitive.

The feedback manager button should not be run after each adjustment. The feedback manager is run at the initial fitting to ensure that the hearing aid doesn’t have feedback, changing the settings doesn’t effect feedback. If there were changes made to the fit (changed dome, changed receiver) or the patient had a change in the ear canal then the feedback measurement would have to be re-run. Likewise, with recalculate that resets the settings so you wouldn’t want to press it after an adjustment because it reverts to previous settings. There has been no change to them in Target 2.0 because there was no need to change how they function.

I suspect the smart trial was unsuccessful because it was not the right hearing aid for you. Now there is a possibility that the audiologist doing adjustments wasn’t aware of other features within the software of things she could do to address problems…but it had nothing to do with her not running a feedback measurement after each adjustment and definitely not because she didn’t “recalculate”.

That sounds very logical but with those having so much problems I am thinking this is worth a try.

I believe undoing the fine tuning is a check box in the recalculate window. so you are writing that recalculate is just undoing changes?

I am pretty sure the feedback manager was part of the problem as I don’t think that was ever run or run properly as I believe my audi commented about how the ear mold shape would not really effect the programming of the aid at all. As for recalculate I see that I’ve misinterpreted its function. seems like this feature could have been labeled better.

The feedback test should be run at the beginning of each fitting. After it’s run the first time, it should not have to be run again unless something is changed with the acoustical part of the fitting like changing earmolds or dome styles, tubing style, etc. If it’s not run at the onset of the fitting or after something is changed with the physical fit of the hearing aid then it can definitely cause problems with feedback.

That’s brilliant. Unless it’s run at inception, you don’t even start out with the right gain or modified resonances for your canal.

Like the Doc says, you have to have this run at the beginning or things will not be as they ought to be.

My audi ran the Target 2.0 feedback manager several times with two different size cones and with me pushing the receiver further back into the canal. She was looking at where various lines intersected on my chart at the higher frequencies trying to maximize things. She said she got it adjusted well enough for the first week.

The tones during the feedback manager test did not seem to be particularly high frequency. I thought most feedback was from high frequency.

Anyway, sometimes I hear a low volume hiss unless I turn the volume down. i assume that is feedback (although I thought feedback was the loud screech/buzz (not a hiss) you hear when a microphone gets to near to a PA loudspeaker. I think I may have the hiss only when some sound is present that then gets amplified or soundrecovered which causes the hiss/feedback as I do not always hear a hiss. I think I am getting it now because of the fan in my computer.

The hiss isn’t feedback…it’s probably a noise in your environment that the hearing aid is seeking out and amplifying…which is why you can hear the fan in your computer. There is a gain control for 20dB input sounds…if you tell the audi the noises you are hearing she will most likely go in and decrease that a bit which should reduce the noise so that either you can’t hear it at all or it’s barely audible.

I also get low hiss/static noise around fans. Hopefully it can be corrected :slight_smile:

It’s the fan. You are hearing the fan…not a low hiss/static out of the hearing aids.

Changes in programming might reduce the intensity of the sound, but can’t eliminate it because it’s there in the environment.

I respectfully disagree. I know what a fan sounds like. This sound is closer to what you would hear if a car tire is rolling slowly over a gravel road, or if you listen to the sound of your rice crispies. More of a soft steady crunching sound.

I hear a computer fan as as a distinct separate whooshing sound (at I think, a lower frequency) which is different from the hiss. The hissing sound I hear is constant not gravely or staticy by which I mean a series of separate staccato like sounds following very close together so as to almost be constant. it is not like tires on gravel or rice crispies popping.

Thing is, if you are hearing the sound in the presence of a fan, and you are new to wearing hearing aids, the fan will not sound the way it used to…especially with the Soundrecover. I have a fan in my office. When it kicks on, people always ask “what’s that static noise?”…they too know what a fan sounds like but don’t associate the sound with the fan…which is sitting directly in front of them on the floor in plain sight…as being the sound they just started to hear. It only happens with the Phonak patients…patients wearing non-phonak HA’s recognize it as a fan immediately. Phonak patients think it’s static. So I hold true to my statement that the sound you are hearing is actually the fan. Now, if it’s all the time even if you are not around a fan I’ll agree and say it’s something else…but if it’s only happening when you are around a fan (which is what you said in your post) then sorry…it’s the fan. If you still want to disagree with me that’s fine, but my experience is that it’s the fan and not something else.

Not sure what that noise is then…could be some circuit noise…possibly but highly unlikely. It could be the hearing aid seeking out additional soft sounds to amplify…I’d consider asking your pro to turn down the soft sound (20dB) gain about 3-4dB and see if that helps. If it’s still the same volume after that…then there could be a short in the receiver and it may need to be changed.

Thanks Doc, your reply prompted me to experiment.

I have one manual program for music which is supposed to have soundrecover turned off, but I still hear the hiss when that program is selected.

Interestingly in two other manual programs - one for stereo zoom and one for zoom control, I do not hear the hiss (even if I look directly at the computer/external hard dive case for which i can hear a separate fan whooshing sound). When I select the last manual program that has been set up for t-coil & mic) the hiss is even louder. I don’t know if those manual programs have soundrecover turned off or not. I thought it was left that soundrecover was still on for those as I did not see the audi making any changes from whatever the default is.

soon I will try shutting down all my electronics and see if it still hisses. - right now I need to be using them.

Interesting. I suspect it has something to do with the omnidirectional mic setting (picking up additional sound maybe?) that is causing the low-level hiss since when you are in a directional mode it goes away.

I am looking for hearing aids that are really aggressive in weeding out unwanted noise. My lose is in the mid and low levels, and my high level hearing is normal. I am getting a spice hearing aid to test out, but I don’t know if I will keep it. My widex is unbearable. It lasted for like 8 years, since I only wear it so infrequently, but at the time my audiologist thought I would appreciate hearing soft sounds, but it turned out that I never adjusted to it at all. To make a long story short, I also have an Exélia Art that I should try to sell on ebay as well as the widex diva hearing aids, if I keep the spice hearing aids.

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