Audeo S

Hi all,

Two years on and I’m still in the long process of working out which hearing aids to trial again. In the past i’ve had the best trial experience with micropowers but the audeos were not powerful enough for my loss.

Now I’m interested in the Audeo S series…

Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between the Audeo Yes S and the Audeo Smart S? According to Phonak’s comparison chart they both have exactly the same features…the only difference appears to be the aid casing? If anyone can elaborate on this that would be great. Which one would be better to trial?

Also my audi has given me a quote for the Audeo Smart S… $6,200 with a government rebate on V ($7,200 full price), $8,500 with rebate on IX ($9,500 full price).

These prices seem excessive, or is this about right?

Is Audeo Yes S any cheaper?

Also my audi is not experienced with Phonak and has had a phonak rep to come in to help with past trials l have had. However, she has been great in helping me out with Phonaks. Is this a good idea or should i go to an audi who is experienced with Phonak?

Any help/ideas would be great,

My Smart V Spice cost me $1700 for one aid. That included three year adjustment and follow up. A Pilot One remote was $200. I estimate the cost to the audi is in neighborhood of $1200. You need to look around.

The YES version is not offered in the UK.

The only difference I can think off is that the SMART has a push-button and the YES doesn’t.

So the YES would FORCE you to have a remote control.

Oh, also the speaker cable connector on the YES needs the use of a tiny plastic adaptor … but these come with the cable.

i just paid $4800 (including the icom and remote) for the smart V

Here in western Canada I was quoted the following prices for the Phonak S Smart:

  • IX - $7990
  • V - $4800
I understand the above prices include the Pilot1 remote, iCOM, all necessary adjustments, 5 years worth of batterys, regular maintenance, etc. but no TV Link...... they are not cheap and we do not get any gov't rebates here in Alberta!


hi KJP…i’m in calgary too. Same pricing but i got 10 packs of batteries and i did get the icom and 2 remotes but not the TV link.

i guess it pays to shop around, although i am extremely happy with Ian at Calgary Heaing and Audiology.

Each? Or a pair?

Expensive either way. The IX run $2800-3200 each here in Colorado through reputable dealers. For under $5k I got one IX, iCom, MyPilot, extended warranty, and 5 years adjustments… but I buy my own batteries at 25 cents each, which comes out to spending about $35-40 over five years.

Prices quoted to me were the total for both HA’s.

The key to purchasing these aids is getting an audi who has fitted a few pair already. You won’t be happy with these either if it takes the entire trial period to get them right.

Where can you get one battery as opposd to in a pack, and at a price you mentioned? Would mind sharing with us? If I can just save on the cost of batteries, it would help immensely. Thank you.

Here is New Jersey I paid $5,600 for the pair of Audeo Smart IX Spice. This included the MyPilot remote, iCom and TV Streamer.

That is so cheap compared to here in Australia, the $9500 pair price tag does not even include any remotes or iCom. Another thing l will have to factor when making a purchase.