Audeo M-13T Questions


With a profound hearing loss I’ve been wearing super/power HA for last eight years. Widex Supper 440 with hard shell earmolds. Have a couple questions regarding Phonak’s M-13T model.

I. Is the M-13T considered a “super/power aid” that would be a good match for a profound hearing loss? Since its made for “mild to profound loss”, one has to question if that “fit range” or range adjustment level is best suited for someone with a profound hearing loss? One size fits all - not sure?

  1. Since my current Widex HA’s are “super/ultra powered” would I be better off waiting for Phonak to come with a “super/ultra powered” Marvel HA? Or should I trial the M-13T now? If I wait for Marvel power aid any guess how long? This year, next?

  2. And could the wait be for naught if/when super/ultra Marvel HA comes out its basically the same Audeo M style with just a larger battery - 675? So basically same HA, same functions with just a larger battery? Or more likely “better suited HA” for me since the hearing range would be tailored for someone with a (severe to profound loss) vs mild to profound and then larger battery for support?

HA manufactures are always going to make HA’s first for those with a mild to mid range loss, since that’s where the money is - most customers. Unfortunately those with a severe to profound hearing loss many times have to wait longer for new aids to come out. That wait can be frustrating.



It is a RIC style so you would have the receiver for your hearing loss.



Yes which would be good. I’m aware fellow posters here with severe/profound hearing loss are using/trailing M-13T. In my original message I did leave out the thought that maybe Phonak won’t ever make a power Marvel aid for “severe to profound” and just stay with the M-13T. But the fact that Phonak’s makes the Naida for “severe to profound” would leads me to think a new Marvel aid will come out just for the “severe to profound” range.

Since we are on subject - does Phonak make a custom hard shell ear mold for the M-13T that is clear or transparent, with receiver located in tip of mold? Or by chance a clear skeleton mold, again with receiver in tip of mold?



My hearing is worse than yours. I had the Widex Super 440 in 2013 and used it for just one year. It wasn’t enough gain for my hearing loss. It was for trying to help my tinnitus and it didn’t work well. I am getting the Phonak Naida B70 UP aids. Hopefully Phonak will come out with a Marvel UP aid late this year, possibly November. Users with profound hearing loss are better off with a 675 battery hearing aid since it requires more power and less frequently battery changing with the 13 battery.



Terost - thanks for feedback. I’m also at the point older aids don’t offer the gain/volume increase I require. Currently wearing Supper 440 on max volume setting and hearing half of what’s being said. I blame that somewhat old technology and drop in hearing level. Where Widex let me down was dealing with background noise, since all my AUD could do was reduce overall sound versus improving speech while reducing background noise. I currently use the 675 battery and its a plus but for now the Marvel doesn’t offer it. So clock ticks while I decide to trail M-13T or wait for Marvel UP or Super aid.



I had the same issues with background noise and had feedback issues. I used a ric vented earmold. I learned later that users with very profound hearing loss are better off using non-vented earmolds to reduce feedback issues.



Both my custom aids have a vent hole and if I don’t have them - problems arise. I need the vent to alleviate ear canal pressure and reduce feedback. Non-vented earmolds also (for me) provide an uncomfortable sensation of ear fullness. But to each his own.



Every person is different. I used full earmolds all my life.



We’re expecting the Naida Marvel line to come out November/December. Hold on if you can. The Naidas of course have more gain, but phonak usually adds some extra features geared towards profound users as well which will then trickle back to the next round of Audeos (i.e. SR2 was out in Naidas first, as was directional+Roger and digital contrast fitting).



Audeo-user are beta-tester for the Naida-user :smiley:
You are right that customers with severe to profound loss have to wait longer. BUT they get an update most of the time! I am glad that Phonak is doing its job for worse hearing losses - I am not frustrated, instead I am feeling happy.

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Rumor is one thing and verification is another. Just saying new “Marvel’s” hit the market in Oct. of 2018, so the wait is a long time for Naida Marvel or Marvel Up come November/December. And a late year offering (right now) is not guaranteed. Wait might be worth it if Phonak does offer this year but if things get pushed off into 2020 I’ probably will look at other brands.



I’d be surprised if they missed their release date, and if they do it wouldn’t be past February. If 2020 is your cut-off, nov/dec seems basically like 2020 anyway.



Did you try the Marvel Audeo?

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No and in response to Neville’s post - my cutoff date should be April 2019 to replace my old Widex HA’s. Asking people to repeat (a lot now) and missing half what’s being said. So waiting another eight, nine months is a long haul. Correct me if I’m wrong but the M-Audeo technology appears to be a year or two old and not on the level of Marvel. I’m a firm believer you try to get the most “advanced” HA you can when the timing is right or forced to. Boy it would be nice to be independently wealthy and get HA upgrades every three years, but I’m not in that category. These babies are expensive.

I’m thinking the Phonak M-13T might work out - but I don’t like reading HA range “mild to profound”. That tells me the M-13T is trying to be a “one size fits all” and probably doesn’t offer gain I require. Usually most Ultra Aids, Super Aids, Power Aids (what ever) are made for those in the severe to profound hearing range - which I unfortunately fit perfectly. I’m hoping Phonak comes out during AAA conference end of March with a release date for Marvel Audeo Super/Up HA but not holding my breath. And wouldn’t it be interesting if I waited for the Marvel Power/Super Aid to come out end of year to only to find that (for what ever reason) my hearing is so what affixed or intertwined with Widex sound production that I dislike the Phonaks.



I am also in the severe to profound range. And have worn Naida’s, currently trying out Marvels. The sound it not ok (yet), but since I had only one first appointment with the audiologist, I want to give it a try. I also hope to try the Quattro’s.

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M-Audéo is the Marvel.



Please keep me informed on how you make out with new Marvels. I can usually tell in short order if a new type of HA is going to work or not but others might take a while. You’re correct the M-Audeo is Marvel and the M-13T (as for now) appears to be the closet match to my severe to profound hearing loss. Again though its range bound so someone with a mild to profound loss can “supposedly” can wear. What Marvel model are you testing?

I’d be interested to here how you make out in quiet settings but also noisy setting since Marvel (for now) seems to be the best performer in background noise. Now when I say that I’m setting the bar pretty low since I’m guessing the Phonak provides slightly above average improvement in noise versus below average - where most HA’s end up.

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My hearing aids are not on yet. But I’ve been advised that I also may have to get used to the sound of the marvel vs my Naída q. My next appointment is in some 9 days. So until then I hope that it’ll work. I’m also set to test then Quattro devices.



I’m also considering to do a bit myself a fitting session. But first I want to see how it’ll perform with the audiologist setting it up.



My best guess is that they will come out with Naida version of the Marvel at some time. It would be a BTE rather than a RIC. The Audeo Marvels (current RIC) might work for a profound loss. Just depends on how profound your loss is and how well you tolerate gain. If you trust your audiologist, ask him or her.

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