Audeo IX duophone problems

I’m trying out the Smart IX and had the audi add the duophone option to the mypilot on the last visit. I’m finding that its absolutely horrible when i switch over to it. It seems to amplify all the background noise to the point where i cant even hear the person on the phone. I also notice when its not on and I’m in auto mode, that the free aid seems to amplify the background noise and i find i actually can hear the phone conversation better if i slip out the aid in the free ear.
any ideas?

I would bet that the microphone on the hearing aid needs to be lowered (attenuated). The microphone on the I-Com is always too sensitive by default. The microphone attenuation on the I-Com is 30 db and can be lowered to 0. I use 10 and everyone can hear me and I’m not bothered by background noise. I bet it’s the same process on the duophone.

I don’t have this problem with Duophone. It sounds weird at first because it basically shuts off one of the aids and pipes all the sound from the other side over to it so that you hear the conversation in both ears. The speech coming through it sounds more electronic than without it, but I think it’s loud and clear.

CRYMEARIVER…do your comments refer to the bluetooth application? In my situation i’m just using the myPilot to switch over to the acoustic phone app. I might have mislead you in saying duophone which i thought was for acoustic phone use!!!
I assume the aid that doesnt have the phone to it is the one that shuts off to external sounds. In my case that aid seems to be amplifying the sound. Maybe something is set up wrong, in any case it certainly isnt working!!

Back in the old days, when I used the T-coil on my BTE’s for phone calls, there were two settings, T and T+M. Using just the T setting would shut down the mic and you wouldn’t hear room noise. Using T+M would include room noise. I’m thinking that this would be the case with the duophone…if they are using the t-coil.

Maybe you’re holding the phone up to the wrong ear?!? The Target default for Acoustic Phone is the right ear. You can change it in Target, and you can add DirectTouch by checking that box. With DirectTouch enabled, it goes to whichever side you use to press the button to select the program. For example, if you want to hold the phone up to your left ear, press the button on your left aid when selecting Duophone. The mics on your right aid will go mute and you’ll hear the sound from your left aid (somewhat amplified) in both ears. If you’re using a remote to select the program, it will go to the default side that you selected in Target (right ear by default).


thanks so much…love this place!

Since this a Phonak DuoPhone topic i will post my experience.

I have issues with my Smart S HA’s losing signal in DuoPhone program whereby i don’t hear the same thing at the same moment, a delay in signal processing.
It happens in voice mail but mostly when on a call. If i move the phone around my ear to sometimes see if i can get better voice amplification, the signal between HA’s gets out of sync temporarily. The DuoPhone Works fine in speaker mode. Something is interfering with the signal processing.
The iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 are both m-4 t-4 compatible,
I have a iPhone 3g and i tested it also on a iPhone 4 with same issues. But its not the HA’s because i tested a friends new Samsung flip-phone with no issues and better clarity wouldnt you know. Granted the Samsung was Verizons’s (USA) CDMA network. My iPhone is on ATT (USA) Maybe its Att’s GSM network causing this, who knows.

Anyone using the iPhone and Phonak’s DuoPhone?

Edit: weeks later. To be forthcoming…i redid the testing with the iphone 4 with the Duophone program and it works fine. My almost 4 year old 3g iphone does not. I plan to get the new iPhone 5 soon later this year.

i’m still really struggling with the duophone function. I’m finding that when i hold the phone to the right ear (default setting) the mic is shut off on the left aid but i’m getting amplified background noise thru the right aid. The noise seems to be coming from behind me. The background noise is so loud that it actually overpowers the persons voice on the other end of the phone. Am i doing something wrong? or are there some tweeks to the program I could do?

You kind of have to hold the phone above your ear a bit near the mics and not right in your ear like you normally would. It takes some practice to get the phone in the exact spot but when you do, it comes thru loud and clear in both ears.