Audeo B Direct Ring Tone


I’m thinking about getting Audeo B Direct or Audeo Marvel in the near future. I have a Samsung Galaxy 8 which I love, and I really like the idea of bluetooth phone calls without wearing a boat anchor around my neck. I’m concerned about screening incoming calls when my phone is not easily accessible, though. Do the hearing aids duplicate the ring coming from the phone, or do they manufacture a generic tone? I am hoping that I can assign particular ring tones to family members. I’m kind of surprised that I can’t find an answer on this forum already! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to know that you are not answering a nuisance call?


Love the ‘boat anchor’ comment. I’ve read it being ‘a box’ but I like yours :joy:


Can’t comment about a boat anchor, but a Compilot 2 works great, :grin: and announces caller ID so I don’t pull my phone out when I get a call. I connect a lapel Mic to the Compilot 2 and have it clipped somewhere close to my mouth, so I don’t pull the Compilot2 from under my shirt for a call. So when I get a call I tap my chest (button on Compilot) and start talking.

I also have my office phone connected, and TV transmitter, and laptops and tablet.

I don’t think the Marvel can touch the functionality of a Compilot 2.


Right now, I’m wearing Seimens Pure and using the EasyTek streamer. I’m interested in the Phonak Direct B90 specifically because I would like to eliminate all of the extra periphinalia. I will probably get the tv connection box, but only if it works without the streamer and no bluetooth latency. Your streamer sounds better than mine, though.