Audeara headphones


Hi. I’m wondering whether anyone has tried them. Google didn’t bring up much. I’ve just impulse-ordered them as part of my ongoing quest to enjoy music the way I used to. A friend was encouraging me last night not give up on it and this deal appeared tonight.

There’s a code which I think might apply only to those ordering from Australia. See Audeara Noise Cancelling A-01 Headphones $244.30 Free shipping - OzBargain.

Anyway, I’ll do a review when I’ve tried them.

Edit: I’m not affiliated.


Sorry about replying to my own post but I didn’t provide even basic information. Their claim to fame is that they include a facillity to do a hearing test controlled by a smartphone app. You then use the results to personalise the sound to compensate for your hearing loss. Apart from that they are a high-end Bluetooth-enabled (and corded) headphone with microphone, active noise cancellation, and good battery life

The reason I didn’t find much on Google is that I misspelled the name of the product when I searched. Reviews are a mixed bunch but generally positive. Some people miss the ‘immersion’ that other headphones provide (the same immersion I guess that is destroying their hearing). Apparently the sound compensation they provide can take some getting used to.

There is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.