Auckland University researchers trialling MDMA as tinnitus cure

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Awesome :rofl:
If this works, this could be the best off label usage for a recreational drugs :joy:

Huh. Maybe I shouldn’t have played down the light tinnitus in my right ear.

“Sorry, doc. When I said it was “barely noticeable”, what I really meant to say is that IT’S SCREAMING LIKE AN AIR RAID SIREN”

Saw this earlier from a different source…No telling what a stoned guy is gonna say…lol

Those whacky Kiwis, hey Abram?

@jewfoo. We’re ready to swap Prime Ministers with you whenever you like! Abram married into the New Zealand extended family (unless I misremember). That’s what I was jokingly alluding to.

Aunty Jacinda won last night in an historic victory,thumped the Tories.
She saved the country by locking us down early and hard.

Funny thing, my daughter was offered a referral to the MDMA programme here but she declined.

The classic line:

Don’t try this at home…

Heck, as an old curmudgeon, I don’t even know what MDMA is.

3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Also called the more familiar name of Ecstasy - a drug that you are best to stay away from!

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