At the end of my rope - need a way to talk on the phone

I’ve worn hearing aids for my entire adult life, up until now either half shell or full shell. This month, I replaced my 5 year old Sonics with a pair of Resound Forzas open fit with double domes. I am absolutely thrilled with them; for the first time in my life, I feel like I can hear and understand speech almost as well as someone with normal hearing. My world has been expanded beyond a two yard radius!

But I need to find a way to communicate on a mobile phone with them, or return them and get something that works with phones. The Resound phone clip is horrible for the people on the other end of the line, and annoying for me. Several times today, I had to hang up, put in my old hearing aids, and use a wired headset to talk on the phone so people on the other end could hear me. With the phone clip, they either get a severe echo when they speak, or a lot of static. The quality on my end isn’t that great either. I’ve tried the clip with two different phones, an Android and a iPhone. I also ordered a Clearsounds CLA7v2 neck t-coil loop which doesn’t sound very good to the people on the other end either. I can’t use a wired headset very well with behind the ear aids.

I have to be able to hear and be heard on the phone for work. Much as I love the new Resounds…if I can’t use the phone I need to find another solution. It has to work simply (i.e., I need to be able to answer the phone quickly, without trying to re-establish a dropped bluetooth connection as is constantly happening with the Resound clip) and reliably (I can’t wonder whether the other person will be able to hear me every time I answer the phone). Does anyone have a suggestions for the Resounds? Or do you have an open fit/phone combination that works well?

Thank you!

Hearing profile
250 hz - 55 db
500 hz - 55 db
1000 hz - 66 db
2000 hz - 75 db
4000 hz - 65 db
8000 hz - 65 db

While I am not entirely certain what a Forza is, I know what the name brand Resound product is.

Placement of the phone clip needs to be near your mouth for the onboard mic to pick up your voice in a normal way. If the phone clip is not working for you, simply use the onboard microphones in the hearing aids. You do this by placing the speaker of the phone near the microphones of the hearing aid you wish to use and proceed in talking. The sound will be monaural, but you should hear the conversation relatively well.

If you are still having problems with landline based calls, you can use an in-line telephone amplifier for the handset.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for the suggestion, HAHelper. You are true to your name. Unfortunately, I am on the phone for hours a day and need to be able to type at the same time. So holding the phone is not going to work. Does anyone have open fit/behind the ear aids and a hands free phone headset or streamer solution that works well for them?


This has a microphone for cell-phone use. You can also hear on the phone with both ears. It is what I use for everything, with an adaptor for MP3 and computer.

I have a similar situation to you. I have the Beltone True which is the same as a ReSound Alera. I find the Phone Clip to be just about worthless and stopped using it. And I too spend hours a day on the phone. I found a headset that works with cellphone, desk phone and computer. I posted about it a few months ago. More than 6 months later I am still extremely happy with it. Here is a forum posting I made on it back in April.

Have not found a good mobile solution. So I carry a corded headset and use it when on the go. But the desktop headset works extremely well for work.

Hi folks,

Thank you all for your responses. I wound up purchasing Bernafon Chronos this week, with the soundgate, which is much, much better for phone use than the Resound phone clip. I’ll return either the Chronos or the Forzas after comparing them. So far I think the Resound is better for non-phone situations, so I may wind up returning the Chronos despite the better phone performance, and trying the solutions you offered. Thanks for your help!

Yes, I heard this Plantronic. Actually my hubby’s employer is ordering this headset(about $700+ set) for him because he is on the phone all the time. HR needs documentation from ENT that he is hearing impaired.
By the way, he receive an eligibility from VA-the only thing it takes a while coz VA has long back log. Probably March or April.

What is the plantronics model your hubby uses? I have the same problem trying hard to converse on the phone. Thanks.

I basically have two HA sets.
I have the resound for work with the phone clip to use with my cell phone.
I find it passable, but it looses connection with one or the other HA while talking.
This is very annoying, but the phone clip was not too expensive.
I have a set of Siemens with the mini that I love. Cell phone quality is excellent and the streaming Bluetooth to the TV is great. But this is a pricier setup.

I am trying out a set of Starkey Ignites, They are wireless bluetooth with the surflink mobile and the sound quality is for me, phenomenal. they work effortlessly with my android phone
For me they are very pricey. But they work great!

Hello - I work for Business Telecom Products and we have developed a product (with the help of Plantronics) that allows BT HA wearers to connect to their desk phones and PC’s. It’s called the BoostEAR. BTP has tested it successfully with several manufacturer streamers (Oticon Streamer, Phonak iCom, Phonak ComPilot, Unitron uDirect, Rexton Remote, Siemens Mini-Tek, and ReSound Unite Phone Clip), but it should work with any Bluetooth enabled hearing aid pendant system. The only exception we have found so far is with the SurfLink.

Please let me know if you would like more information about this product.

Good luck in your quest!
Corrie Schumacher
(800) 457-4287