Assistive Listening Devices - Insight Into Your Experiences


Hi everyone,

I am a student currently completing my Masters at a University in Canada. At the moment, I am working on my practicum where I am doing a preliminary analysis on the challenge of listening to speech-in-noise and the extent that current solutions are able to assist with this challenge.

Inherent in this, is understanding more about the user experience in these situations. With that said, I have designed a short 5-minute survey (see link posted below) in hopes that you may be willing to provide a bit of perspective on your personal insights and experiences.

The survey entries are anonymous and the questions really focus on trying to understand a bit more about the ways that current solutions such as remote microphone (ex. Phonak Roger Pen, Oticon ConnectClip, etc.) are meeting your needs and the ways they are falling a bit short.

Any and all input is sincerely appreciated and could prove valuable as I continue through my practicum. I am also very open to suggestions for ways that the survey could be improved.

Thank you all for your time.