Assistance For My 80 Year Old Mother

I have read through this site and it seems pretty informative. I was hoping to get some confirmation that the advice given my Mother is valid.

She first acquired one aid in 1999, a Resound Sonic. In 2003, as her hearing deteriorated, she moved to the same ITE in the other ear. I can vouch for the fact she can’t hear very well anywhere unless you look directly at her and can speak in a lower register. She really can’t hear in a restaurant or in a group. Her hearing is noticeably worse over the last year to 18 months, a fact to which she freely admits.

Her vendor of choice (also recommended by my internist) is having a sale this month. I checked some of the models using the search engine on this site and of the models on sale, I suggested she look at the Pulse or the Azure. They told her Pulse would be a poor choice but recommended the Azure. With their November promotion, that would equate to $5300 for both ears.

Her complaints regarding the Sonics:

(1) Can’t hear
(2) Battery lasts 7 days and hard to change out
(3) Difficult to insert into canal
(4) Sinus problems complicate wearing
(5) At first she heard well with them, now they “come loose” easily.

I am trying to upload the test results, but the file size limitations cause me to have to split the form into 3 pieces. I’m not sure you can even read it. I don’t know what is meaningful, but I’ll add some readings to the end of this post in case you can’t see the attachment.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Rt 60
Lt 45

Rt 110
Lt 110

Rt 75
Lt 75

Rt 50% at 75 dB
Lt 100% at 75 dB

Instrument was a Starkey AA - 30, Calibrated 2/14/07

Better link to report:

The Azure may be a viable aid for her. I don’t personally dispense Resounds anymore, yet many of my friends do and have had very good results. Costs are also very reasonable on those.

I think anything would be an improvement over the old aids she has.

For better costs, you can also look at the Phonak Extra or Sonic Innovations Natura Pro.

Like I have said in previous posts, the Azure hearing aid is, in my professional opinion, the best hearing aid on the market. You might, however, want to consider buying them from They have the cheapest prices that I can find on the internet, and I have worked for them on numerous occasions here in my clinic.

They are selling the GN ReSound Azurefor $2,449 per hearing aid. You mom will do tremendously better with the azure than she will with the GN RESound Sonic. Here is the link: Welcome -

Now, for your questions:

  1. The GN ReSound Azure should help with hearing a lot better.
  2. I have heard patients telling me that the Azure batteries last longer, one of my patients tells me they last 15 days or so. Of course this depends on how often you wear them.
  3. Sounds like your mom needs to move to a behind the ear hearing aid. This will help with the problems she is having in sticking into the canal.

If you need any further information about hearing aids, AidRight just sent me a copy of their hearing aid information guide. Here is the link:

Here is the link Welcome -

Good Luck! I hope your mom does a lot better!

we cant compare sonic with resound,
resound is a considerable bigger company,
it has never been the front runner; oddly enough I believe they come up with the open fit concept but they fail to evolve in to the purely receiver in the ear aid… Unfortunately, their fitting range is very limited…
I wish the pulse has a bigger fitting range

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Thanks for the comments! She is ordering a pair of the Azure today. I think she is going for a BTE model this time. I’ll let you know what she thinks. She will have 30 days to evaluate them.

AZURE has a automatic aclimatization manager which means that the aids are set very confortable so she can get use to the aids and gradually the gain in the aid automatically goes up as she uses more the hearing aids…

While this is not a novel thing (i have seen it in the syncros maybe 3 years ago. It is still a very good tool. I believe Resounds call acceptance manager or something like that


Well, it will be 2 weeks tomorrow and she is thinking of returning the Azures and paying the restocking fee.

We went over on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) to get the Azures adjusted. I had worked with her the preceeding Sunday and couldn’t get the volume controls to respond. The woman who sold them was off, so another person helped us. We discovered the volume controls had never been turned on (via the computer)! The user settings were also set at a novice level, not experienced. The lady adjusted all 4 programs and off we went.

On Thanksgiving, Mother was in a group. She could hear pretty well if you looked straight at her, and she was successful in hearing most of the conversation at the dinner table (6 people). Sitting around the fireplace, however, she was unable to understand anyone who was not seated next to her. She could hear, but she could not understand.

She put the Sonics back in Saturday and says she can hear much better. Perhaps she just needs an ITE model. She also says the Azures cause her voice to sound as if she is in a can or something - sort of metallic. The lady at the store told her to practice reading aloud to get past that. Mother tried that, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference.


-did you get Real ear measurements, what verification procedure did they follow? If not you need to get this thing done
-the azure has a feture where it learns the volume control, for example if she is in quite enviroments and she turns the volume down over time the instrument will learn this…
-Azure also has the posibility to make a very aggresive noise reduction i think it goes up to 10db

while I do not fully dispense GN, they are good instruments - the azure is the best they got and the price u geeting seems reasonable…

Other possibilities are Oticon Epoq W rite or Phonak Savia. Although Im not sure the epoq fitting range will cover that loss


ReSound Azure, along with the other products mentioned here, have good techonology. In my opinion, when you get into the higher technology products, most of them function similiarly. It is more a matter of how they are programmed for the individual. Personally, I have found that, in situations like your mother’s more automatic is better and BTEs are better.

Certainly, if there was no real-ear or probe microphone verification (a little clear tube put into the ear canal in addition to the hearing aid so that the actual output of the device(s) and match to the prescription can be measured during the fitting process), it is difficult to know how well the devices were fit to her.

Before I returned the product and tried something else, I would be sure that the current aids were fit as best as possible.