Asking for a friend - Phonak Marvel, can they be unlinked?

My friend has managed to get the Phonak Sky M70 SP from the NHS.

The audiologist said that the HAs can’t be unlinked. She only likes the telecoil program and likes having her program button and volume control unlinked so each HA acts independently.

Can anyone confirm that they can be unlinked?

I only wear 1 x HA so I can’t find out.

My Audeo M90 aids can not be separated for volume/program control. I could take a look the Sky M70 aids in Target to see if they are different if you like.

Ah I didn’t think to look at the software. I’ll take a look, thank you.

I think the answer will be no but I’d take a look :slight_smile:

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The Marvels at least can definitely be unlinked because I did it accidentally when I had them. It happened the first time I connected them to the Noahlink Wireless, just to read the info but not change anything. I think it’s a bug though, not something that’s meant to happen. Unfortunately I can’t walk through what I did, I don’t have the aids or the software anymore.

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Think I’ve worked out a way of helping my friend.

To set up each HA as a different client.

She doesn’t like having her program or volume control linked anyway.

This won’t matter for my friend as she only uses the t coil program and no other programs that would need the HAs to be linked.

This also means that she could have her right HA connected to her phone and her left HA connected to her laptop.

The only downside would be only having calls and stuff in one ear.

I hope I’m right and it works.

That makes since. Should work, didn’t think about doing that way.
Not sure how that would work with the app though. At least not with one phone.

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Ah good point. I’ll message and see if she wants to use it first. At the moment, I don’t think she’s aware of the Phonak app.

There’s another downside: some features need the HA to be linked to a second HA like speech in loud noise or ultra-zoom.

UltraZoom works on its own and is in the speech in noise program.
Speech in Loud Noise is not something my friend uses so hopefully she won’t miss it. :slight_smile:

Or she steps over to paradise aids and just link both devices.

Main reason was to unlink volume and program buttons, and paradises cannot do that either.

Unfortunate to hear that. In earlier phonaks unlinking was not an issue. At least not in mine (microSP)