Artone Neckloop charger

Well, now I really need to find a new Artone charger. The one that came with my neckloop has a bad electrical connection and can’t charge anymore. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy new chargers for my neckloop? I find it very odd that Artone does not offer them separately that I know of so far, since the plug is proprietary…

Any help would be appreciated.

The plug isn’t proprietary. It’s a mini-USB. You could probably charge it off a computer’s USB port with a cable that has USB on one end and mini-USB on the other. And while I haven’t specifically tried it, the charger for the newer Blackberry cell phones (like the 8300 Curve), is the same type of setup. I’d go to Best Buy and get a Blackberry charger for $20 and use it. Even some Motorola cell phones use a similar charger setup that should work.

I have a mini-USB plug, and the charging plug in this neckloop isn’t that. That much I can assure you. My phone is charged with a mini-USB plug. The plug that charges the neckloop is a smaller plug than mini-USB plugs, and has a unique shape.

Is yours a bluetooth neckloop? I could have sworn the Artone bluetooth neckloop I had was mini-USB, but I was going from memory since I returned the neckloop over a month ago.

There are at least 3 different versions of the “mini USB” connectors. The Jabra A120s, Jabra A210, and the Jabra BT320s each use a different “mini USB” connector. By the way, the Jabra A210 power adapter works with the Artone loopset.


I will try ordering a USB charging cable for the A210 to see if it works. If it does, I will post the link where I ordered from in case anyone else needs a new cable.

Anyone know what kind of mini USB this thing uses then? Is it 4, 8, or 14 pin mini USB? I know it isn’t 5 pin, as that is what I currently have that would not work.

I will email artone and have them post which size usb charger it takes.

Once we know the size, we should be able to find them for purchase.

For the life of me I cant understand why they didn’t do that in the first place. Seems like it would be a good sales point to say our product’s charge cables are generic and cheaply bought. I’m not in marketing though, so what do I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello All!
Sorry for the delay with the reply!
It is not a mini USB charger.

we can sell you chargers directly.
please write us (to your address and what exactly do you need.

the charger cord price is 5USD, shipping is 3USD by airmail - takes about one week.
payment can be done by paypal.

Again, apologies for the delay with this answer and for inconvenience.