Artone loopset and microphones

I have been wearing hearing aids for a few years and have struggled with cell phones, like it seems as do other hearing aid users. So, I am pretty excited to see the info on the t-coil loops, especially the bluetooth versions such as Artone.

I had recently removed my t-coil settings as I was not using them at all, so I will have to get them switched back. My question is that I thought that when on t-coil that the hearing aid microphone is disabled. Would this be correct? I have Phonak Savia bte.

If the hearing aid mic is turned off, then I am thinking that I would perhaps be on a phone call and not hear someone standing next to me or coming up behind me to talk.

I am wondering how other users find those kinds of situations.

Additionally, how well does the Artone system remove background noise when talking into its mic, say in noisy areas such as a car or cafetaria?

Thanks so much for the forum, as I think the info will greatly improve my ability to converse on a cell phone!

With the Savia Art, you can get around this problem very easily.

You can have your Audi program in 1 telecoil only program, so when you are talking on the phone in a noisy place, it is no problem. Then you can also have a M/T program, where you have both the microphones and telecoil active, this way you can still hear what is going on around you.

This has worked very well for my patients so far.

We have the Artone’s available on our website at

Hope this helps you out.