Artone Bluetooth

I just purchased the Artone blue tooth gizmo a couple of weeks ago. So far it works very well. No problems with pairing and usually stays connected.

It is more reliable with bluetoothing then the Smartlink I tried several months ago. The Artone is also a much more compact unit then the Smartlink. Remember, you still have to wear the larger Smartlink around your neck during bluetoothing for correct positioning of the microphone (for them to hear you). However in fairness to Phonak, the Smartlink does way more then just bluetoothing with a phone but it comes at an exponentially higher cost. The Smartlink performed perfect in all areas except for bluetooth. This made it difficult for me to justify the price. I really needed the bluetoothing to perform realiably becuase I use the phone a lot. I even tried replacing the phone and the Smartlink unit with similar results.

In my opinion, for bluetooth purposes only, the Artone neckloop is just much more convenient, reliable, and affordable.

I have two Savia’s with a watch remote control. It’s just a click of the watch to set the hearing aids to t-coil mode, and a click of the Artone unit button and I can hear with both ears which is a dramatic improvment for me. I use the t-coil with mic option so I can still hear background noise in the room as well.

My only complaint of the Artone is the flashing blue light on the unit. It is way too bright at night, and it is quite noticable in a unlit room or your vehicle.

Thanks for posting.

I know the Phonak Smartlink can do more, but we wanted to be able to offer a less costly solution and Artone seems to fill the void quite well as far as bluetooth capability goes.

I have found the neckloop works extremely well, especially with a hearing aid set with good telecoils such as the Phonaks in general.

We just received a new shipment of the neckloops and are available at this link:

i just ordered and received my artone bluetooth from localbattery, and i would like to say not only is the artone an excellent, small, convenient, long-lasting, reasonably-priced device, but also that localbattery is a great vendor with excellent product knowledge and support.

if you’re comparing artone vs. eli for telecoil-only bluetooth operation, the artone easily wins. more details here;