Artone and Treo PDA

Hi folks,
New user here, name is Steve. I recently bought an Artone neckloop, and use it with my work phone, a Treo PDA using Verizons’ service.

I’m happy with the quality of the sound, but over all, many features don’t work. Voice commands don’t activate or come over the neckloop, neither do alerts, or the driving directions from out “Tom Tom” gps navigator. It seems to me that the fault is the telephone. I know this because the neckloop WILL give me most of those things when used with my personal cell phone, a Motorola razor. I went to Verizon with it, and they searched the manual, and cannot find a way to enable these things to go out over bluetooth.

As a last resort, I’m posting this here to see if there is a “power user” here who just may know more about the Treo than Verizon does.

Also, the Treo seems to go to “sleep” almost at random. Sometimes the Artone will switch from 3 blinks to 2, but quickly re-establish on a call. Many times it goes to 1 blink, and will take some time to re-establish on a call. Other times, the Artone turns off after it has been in 1 blink mode for some time. I have turned all the stand-by and power timers on the phone to max, which helps a lot. It still is rather annoying. Does anyone know of a better solution with the Treo? I still have time to return the Artone if there is a unit that is more compatable.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Hey, another question. Didn’t want to start another new thread.

The USB style cord that one uses to charge the Artone. Is that a plain old USB cable? Or have they modified the pin out? It seems rather fragile, and it would be nice to keep a second one in the car. Can I just hop over to Best buy and get a USB cable?


I will ask Artone.

It appears to be just a regular USB cable to me.

I will also try it with one of our demo units to see if it works with a regular cable and post.