Article about Loud Restaurants



They are the restaurants I don’t go to anymore if I can find other places to go. When possible I prefer the smaller mom and pa cafes



We have a Saturday koffee klatch, and used to meet a Starbucks. There was a group of about 20 bicycle riders who used to come at the same time and they got very loud because they usually had 5 or 6 conversations going that competed. Much like a restaurant. Lousy acoustics. The temporary fix? When it gets unbearable, yell “Hey”! real loud. They stop and look around and start over, quietly at first. Our permanent fix was to move to a quieter place that also had affordable coffee.



Restaurants are not built for the patrons comfort. Eat, pay and get out. Quiet places are almost non-existent. It’s like eating in a drum. Look for carpeting, wall covering and drapes, lots of drapes, don’t forget high ceiling, very high. Eat very early before the place fills up or very late when everyone is almost gone. Basically quiet place is being home alone. Sorry to rain on your parade but that’s life. The hearing aid industry is booming because of walkman’s, rock music, then heavy metal blah blah. Let’s not forget old age. My lose is mostly due to old age.

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Spoken like it is. I concur completely!



Avoid Happy Hour, avoid dinner hour, avoid high ceilings and no carpets (bad acoustics) especially in historial restaurants and avoid Friday nights with music. Weather your hard of hearing or not we find most of our friends don’t like noisy restaurants, yelling over other peoples voices. Yes, restaurants are getting to loud.