Are you happy with your Cochlear implant?

And, what made you decide to have this option?

I may have to have this done someday and I’m educating myself in the meantime.

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At one month post activation I am very happy with it. My aided word recognition score has gone from 44 to 64%. I don’t need the radio or TV as loud to understand them. Depending on the quality of the recording I have been able to turn the captions off.

It isn’t perfect, things don’t sound the same as they used to, but I am definitely more connected, people at work have noticed how I am joining conversations now.

I have a thread here where I am keeping a running commentary as I go through the process.


I would seriously consider this option except for the fact that I keep hearing that music sounds terrible with this system. Is this truth or myth?

When you had your CI evaluation did they give you any idea about what to expect for % word recognition?
I know it’s early for you, are you expecting better word recognition?

It definitely sounds different at this point, but I am still early on. I think part of it will depend on the type of music you listen to. I tend towards stuff by singer songwriters so understanding the lyrics is important and that has improved. On the other hand if you are more in to orchestral music it would probably be more disturbing.

I am trying to fiddle with audacity some to see if I can sort of reproduce what I hear. I am doing it mostly for my wife, but if I get something close I will post it.

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They have not come up with any way of figuring out how well things are going to turn out. Even after the surgery it is all keep trying and see what happens.

I know my audiologist and surgeon both say I am doing better then average at this point but that doesn’t necessarily predict where I will end up.

Improvement continues for the first year to 18 months, although most of the improvement is in the first three, assuming you put the work in.

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In my case word recognition pre-op was 55% - w/ HA in. Score w/o HA it is 0.
My clinic didn’t give me any idea what to expect post-op.

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Thank you for this information.
I read so many wonderful success stories that I am ready to move forward with this decision. Looking forward to the evaluation planned later this year.


Thanks Dani,
I think our hearing is very similar. Not sure if that really makes a difference from those whose hearing is not as bad as ours comparing CI results.

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@cjpines I have a N7 implanted array 522. I had congenital ski slope profound loss in my L ear. The just over 3 yrs ago I suffered SSHL in my R ear which left that ear with profound loss. I couldn’t talk on the telephone, being a nurse that meant I couldn’t take Drs phone orders either. I couldn’t hear in a room full of people either, at restaurants, pubs or any conferences. I was told to retire from work, this was when I knew I had to do something drastic.

I was concerned heading into the CI op that I

  1. Wouldn’t get a good result.
  2. Would suffer from the numerous post op complications of CI surgery.

I didn’t suffer any of the post op complications and I’ve had a fantastic result from the surgery. It’s the best thing I ever did, wish I did it years ago. Only I wouldn’t have passed the assessment years ago.
My WRS pre op was 26% in my CI ear and it’s now 85%.

My advise I’d if you need it to be done don’t hesitate to get assessed. Good Luck :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

@Gramps I haven’t lost any of my ability to enjoy music. I was lucky to have retained my residual hearing post op. And I truly believe this is the reason why I’m able to still enjoy music.


@Raudrive when I had my assessment they told me they could give me approx 50-60% increase in WRS. Pre op in my CI ear I was 26% without HA. Now I’m 85% Hope this help and Good Luck :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Yes, I am very happy with the cochlear implant, it’s been a positive life changer for me. My brain did t take long to adjust and relearn how to process and hear before all the screeching and static disappeared after activation. That was a decade ago. I currently enjoy music and Bluetooth streaming etc. And I can hear the little details around me that I used to miss when I started out with hearing aids. It’s priceless.


Very happy :slight_smile: I got my CI in January 2001, and despite it has been difficult at the beginning due to my history of deafness (9 months to understand few words on the radio without leap reading) the final result was far better that all that I imagined before surgery. I am using the phone everyday at work, often with multiple people at the same time, and sometimes for more than 3 hours per call.