Are you guys taking over the right click?

I’m on Firefox on a Win8 PC. When I right click on a link in a post with the intention of opening the link in a new tab it does not. It opens it right there on the same page. It looks like you’ve captured the right click? Why would you do that to me? :slight_smile:

No issue like that here, Chrome on Linux, right click works.

Or maybe it’s the Firefox guys not keeping up with Win8 support (circa 2012)…… You might have missed the opportunity to upgrade to Win10 for free - but I have a 2009 Dell XPS-1340 laptop - Win10 Pro works great on that and almost all my programs still run fine on that - just a couple like a 1990’s graphics program that I have to run in a WinXP virtual machine if I want to use it. You’d probably find the latest version of FireFox is optimized for Win10, too.

Let me see if I can find a representative link because I see that some work and some don’t. I have my browser locked down pretty good against malware and click-jacking so it might be that too.

If you come to the site and sometimes log in and sometimes don’t then things can behave differently.
There’s a setting that can tell the site to open links in a new tab. When not logged in then that setting appears to default to over-running the same page.

You didn’t say what version of Firefox. If a later version (WebExtension), you might like the extension Tabloc:

It will lock a tab so everything opens in a new tab. Configurable with possibility of some exceptions or to only lock specified tabs.

Right-clicking the link in Peter_S’s post above this one, using Firefox in Win10 Pro, works normally for me.

You may need to update Firefox; here’s how to check. In Firefox, on the menu bar on the left at the top of the Firefox window, click “Help” (see below if you can’t find “Help”) and then click “About Firefox.” The current version of Firefox at this posting is 62.0.3. If you have an older version (lower number), you can update it from there. You will have to close and restart Firefox but you don’t have to restart the computer. The only reason not to update is if you have a Firefox extension that is not supported in the new version. But running an old version of Firefox often causes issues like this.

(If you can’t see “Help” it’s because your top menu bar is not visible. To make it visible, right-click the very top left corner of the Firefox window, and check the box next to Menu Bar. You can turn the top menu bar off again when you’re done updating by clicking “View,” then “Toolbars” and unchecking Menu Bar.)

Thanks guys. I want to figure out specifically what’s going on so apologies for not being more involved in the discussion.

Maybe when a forum link happens to be in the same thread that you are currently reading?

Oh, maybe not, my bad.

FWIW it’s working now and has probably been working for some time. No idea what the issue was, but I do run an older browser that is locked down somewhat (on purpose).

I did discover a new “hook” today though. When I type Ctrl-F (find) on a site page, it brings up a locally generated search (the magnifying glass). This is somewhat annoying to me because the most common reason I use Ctrl-F is to find instances of a word on a page, with highlighting. This is provided by the browser (most I’m assuming, but Firefox for me at the moment). I don’t mind clicking the magnifying glass to search the site (though).

I found a workaround. If the focus is moved off the page being presented (to like the title bar or whatever browser element you can find), then the browser Find comes up, complete with highlighting.

My Windows 10 Firefox 69.0.3 works this way:

Right-click menu with “Open in new Tab”, etc., works on:

  1. User Avatar
  2. User Name
  3. Time Field (upper right)
  4. In Quote: Avatar, Name, and Link Back up-arrow link
  5. Embedded links
  6. Other explicit links

Right-click only gives “Save page as…”, etc. menu on:

  1. Background
  2. Text
  3. 4 or 5 buttons on the lower right of a post (Like, Link, …, Reply)
  4. 4 or 5 butons below all the posts (Bookmark, Share, Flag, Reply, Tracking)

These look like Java/Javascript buttons that have an embedded programmatic action, not an HTML function.