Are two pairs of the same hearing aids equal - same settings lead to identical results?


Are two pairs of the same hearing aids equal in the sense that I could move the settings from one pair to another and the sound would be exactly the same?

Real world scenario: I take a pair of hearing aids for a test and they have been fitted with the help of REM. I decide to buy the aids and new ones are ordered. Can the settings just be loaded from the testing devices to the new ones or is it necessary to do the REM and the whole shebang again?



You should be able to load the same setting. You just Select ‘connect’ and it’ll load. It’ll say you are connecting another hearing aid with a different serial number but you just say ‘ok’ and it’ll all load.



Yes, I’m aware that it can be done technically, but will the aids perform identically? Even though it’s the same model, might they perform a bit differently so that it would be best to fit the other pair separately rather than use the settings from the test pair?



Theoretically yes, real world there are minute differences in every mass produced product. And with custom hearing aids like I wear you have the fact they are hand made from mass produced parts. But with a REM test they should be so close you would never notice the difference.



I just looking to buy only two for my test.



Yes, that should be quite possible. I had my hearing aids replaced. While they were on order my fitter asked if the loaners I had were sounding OK, and if they were, she would just transfer the same settings to my new hearing aids. Then all I had to do was pick them up with no fitting. However, I did not put it to the test as my loaners were not OK, and I needed an adjustment anyway. But, for sure in theory they can transfer the settings, which are on their computer, to the new hearing aids.



It’s been hinted at, but I’m not sure how explicit it has been made. Yes, as everybody seems to agree, settings can be transferred between hearing aids. However, even if they are same brand and model and receiver size, there is no guarantee that they will sound the same. There can be variations and to be sure one would get REM done. I suspect in most cases it isn’t and it’s still close enough in most instances.



I’ve got 3 x Phonak Nathos S+ UP Ws and 2 are programmed to my left side. I can now tell you that one of the ones programmed for my left side does sound different / louder compared to the other left one.



Both microphones and receivers have a tolerance that is acceptable (plus or minus 10% or something like that). In theory, the identical prescription could be off by 20%, that would be a noticeable difference. Go for the REM.

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