Are there HOH Audiologist here?

Hello everyone.
I am planning to apply for a doctor of audiology (AuD) program to some of the top schools in U.S and see if they accept me. I really struggle with speech discrimination specially in a group settings. I have Exelia Art and it doesn’t help me a lot. Maybe because I have a reverse slope hearing loss.
What would be the most challenging part for HOH person to become an audiologist? …testing patients?

Does being HOH decreases my chances of getting accepted for this program?

I know there is a good school for deaf/HOH in DC and that is plan B for me.


250 = 40/45
500 = 50/55
1000 = 70/65
2000 = 60/55
4000 = 60/50
6000 = 50/55
8000 = 45/25

I know several audiologist who are HOH and do very well in the profession. I think one of the main benefits they bring to the table is they know what hearing loss is and sounds like and they basically walk in our shoes so to speak. Good luck I hope it works out!

I agree with Seb. Someone who is HOH would have a more personal understanding of what we are dealing with. Should give you an edge in helping other HOH. So I would not think it would eliminate you from this course of study. Heck, may actually give you an edge as your teachers can use you as the guinea pig for all the class room discussions and lab testing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think many hearing aid users really value the input from a HoH audiologist. One of the reasons that everyone in an optician’s shop wears glasses, even those with perfect eyesight are fitted with a clear glazed pair. I’m surprised that now we have such comfortable open fitting we don’t have audiology shops where people wear a dummy pair of demo aids for the same reason! I used to really like the online reviews of hearing aids by a practice which appears to have gone by the wayside, unfortunately, as they actually tried on all the new products as they came in, they had a mild-moderate user and a severe-profound user on staff so they could sort the products between them and report on their findings. Everyone is individual in their response, but they could point out the more obvious general information about the products which was so useful.

Find out of your college program can fund any extra equipment to help with the course, maybe an FM if you are going to be in big lecture halls or need to listen to old VHS recordings.

When I first started looking for hearing aids again last year, the professional who tested me is HoH. He owns a business with 6 audiologists. He told me that he teaches audiology classes at one of the local colleges.

I remember a professional on this forum that is HoH.Their signature mentioned the aids they have tried and indicated that trying many aids is a benefit of being an HoH professional.

Thank you everyone for your contribution. I think been a HOH is something, but been Reverse Slope Hearing Loss (RSHL) HOH is something else. I agree with all you said although the challenging part for me would be testing people where you have to test their speech. I am not sure if there is a computer program that can do the test. Or maybe other co-workers can do it for me.

One of the reasons that everyone in an optician’s shop wears glasses, even those with perfect eyesight are fitted with a clear glazed pair.

where do you people come up with this stuff??

hi, any recommendation for hearing loss doctor in kansas city.

dude, I have a buddy who’s going to become one like U and he also has a reverse slope loss like you!
Dan Schwartz | Facebook here’s his FB if U have an account on here :slight_smile: