Are there challenges for hearing impaired wanting to go to pharmacy school

I’m 21 years old, hearing impaired in both ears with Sensorineural hearing loss, graduated from high school, went through my first year in college, didn’t do too well and stopped going to college to finish my AA at a community college because of being depressed about my hearing loss and thinking that I’m not able to do it. Now I’m deciding to go back and finish my AA and feel motivated more than ever. I have hearing aids but I know that they don’t help me hear 100% and I sometimes have trouble hearing speech from videos, large rooms, presentations, questions from other students who might ask me across the whole room, etc. I don’t have money to buy more advance hearing aids that block out more background noise and such, on top of that I don’t want to waste anymore time not going to school and start again this fall. I’m wanting to know what some challenges could be for someone who is hearing impaired wanting to go to pharmacy school. It’s not easy for some people to get their Pharm.D, Is it possible for someone whose hearing impaired to be a successful through all the years of the college and pharmacy school life? Please be honest with your answers…

You are going to find that there will be challenges with everything you do throughout your entire life because of your hearing loss. Some people will use the loss as an excuse while others will accept their loss and refuse to allow it to hold them back. Be open and honest with everyone regarding your loss and be determined that your loss is not going to hold you back. Be confident in yourself. Go for it.

this post reminds my dad who when he reach 60 years old he lost his hearing and when we bought hearing aid for him he doesn’t want to use it because it makes too loud to his ears even single beep he can you have any idea how to adjust so he can comfortable use it?

Go back to the professional who sold it to you. It may take several adjustment sessions to get it just right.

Yes, I think you can absolutely complete your education. As you already know, there are challenges in every aspect of your life due to your hearing loss, however there’s no reason to lose all your goals as well. A pharmacy degree costs a lot of money and as a paying customer you can easily get some consideration from your teachers regarding your loss. I don’t know so much about assistive listening devices, but your professors would certainly take your mic before a large lecture so that their words would be directly fed into a neckloop and then into your hearing aides. If there are videos, ask for tapescripts. Make friends who’ll share their notes with you. Where there are classroom discussions (hopefully in small groups before whole class), again make a friend, teammates and don’t be afraid to ask the teacher to write discussion questions down. I’m a teacher. It’s our job to meet student expectations and needs and it’s easier when our students can communicate those needs.

i see that my hearing loss goes in an up and down pattern… how severe is this type of hearing loss?

250hz R: 5dB L: 10dB
500hz R: 18dB L: 18dB
750hz R: 37dB L: 35dB
1000hz R: 50dB L: 55dB
1500hz R: 105dB L: 95dB
2000hz R: 95dB L: 85dB
3000hz R: 95dB L: 85dB
4000hz R: 100dB L: 98dB
6000hz R: 90dB L: 85dB
8000hz R: 80dB L: 75dB

I think that the best thing any student with hearing loss could do is make friends with people in each class, explain the problems with their hearing and most people will share their notes and help you in any way they can. You should also tell the instructor about your hearing problems and they will help you succeed.

In the US, the ADA mandates a lot of assistance for students. Also, in Pennsylvania and probably all the states, the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilation can provide a lot of help. Again in Pennsylvania, there are special services available for all children with disabilities, including hearing loss.

Can i still be a successful pharmacist even if i have hard time hearing over the counter and answering the phone? I mean, is there a pharmacist that has hard time hearing even with hearing aids?

How are your grades in college?

There are pharmacist jobs where you are not hanging over a counter trying to understand new people all day, for example in a hospital pharmacy or the pharmacies operated by or contracted by insurance companies to dispense maintenance drugs by mail where you would not have a lot of contact with the “public”. It’s easier to understand people if you get to know them and talk mostly to the same people every day. Have you thought about something like that?

i know that this might be a little off topic but you guys might know an answer to it. When getting a job with a degree. Do employers look at where i got the degree? Like for example, if i get my BA degree at a Private College or State University. Does it matter where? Or does it come down to experience and my grades, GPA, were. Because I kinda want to go to a private college because of smaller rooms and more close to one on one with the teacher compared to a class of like 100 students in a room :frowning: