Are the Hansaton Sound HD9 compatible with target Software and Phonak CROSII?

Anyone have some more info on this?
Because the Hansaton Phonak aids are a Fraction of the cost of one Phonak Branded Aid
And the HD9 seems to be one V90

You will need Hansaton Scout software which is a version of Unitron Truefit.

Thank You Hear293 for your answer.
I know that Scout software will fit them and for me its looks like that it is target with one rebranded GUI
So the question is . Would Target recognize the Hansatons as Phonak Audeo v90 or not?

No it won’t the Hansatons are based on Unitron (Era platform i think)model and not Phonak venture,unfortunately I see that a lot of Internet based seller’s are claiming they are phonak,but it seems phonak has simply bought out Hansaton.

i am not absolutely sure about that.
If you look at internet you will see that they are advertised as Phonak V90 and The accessories are Phonak Compilot etc.
Same Hardware as Phonak.So its Hardly to believe that they are Unitron.

It is highly improbable that the Hansaton aids will work with the Phonak CROS II. Similarly, Unitron aids will not work with the Phonak CROS II.