Are Phonak, Widex, Oticon HA made Overseas?


Reason I ask is that when one of the above mentioned HA’s needs repair - that repair work is done in the U.S. So I’m curious to find out when someone buys one of the brands mentioned are they made overseas or in U.S.? In Widex case (after recent merger) I believe HA’s might be made in Singapore.


None of those are made in US. Only Starkey is made in US.


Depends on where you are. :grin:


GN ReSound has a manufacturing facility in Bloomington, Minnesota, ReSound North America HQ, even though the corporate HQ is Denmark.

I cannot find a “Made in _______” anywhere on my Costco ReSound Forte HAs, either on them on anything that came in the original box. It just has the Denmark, North America and Canada addresses.


Thanks. News to me and surprising.


I’m in the US and use Starkey’s but it’s most certainly not because of “made in the US”. I prefer the 900MHz wireless they use. But after these, I’m done with Starkey. I think they are falling behind on basic stuff like fidelity.


Provider said my Phonak marvel 70r was made in Vietnam.


Widex devices are made in Denmark. Sivantos/Signia (their merger partner) are made in Singapore (or at least the most recent ones that I’ve looked at).



Thanks for responses. My assumption is just because the HA corporate headquarters is in X location - the hearing aid itself could be made some where else. Why - cheap labor. In any case at least HA are not made in China.


I believe Phonak has a plant in Warrenville, Illinois.