Are neck loops to HA through the t-coil?

We have a mixed marriage, I am Phonak Exelia and she Oticon Vigo.

I see proprietary neck loops such as Phonak Icom and Oticon Screamer. Are these t-coil from the loop to the HA or something unque to each brand?

ClearSound says they are "designed to work specifically with hearing aids that have t-coils),

What is the loop to HA wireless format.

I have an iCom which is a wireless Bluetooth streamer. The iCom neck loop is an antenna that sends the signal to the HIs in stereo. It also contains a microphone for outbound communication via Bluetooth. Finally, it has a stereo mini port to which I connect my Walkman for stereo radio heard directly in my HIs. Hope this helps.

It’s not Bluetooth from the device to the hearing aids though. I believe it’s FM.

With the Oticon Streamer (and possibly the Phonak iCom but I don’t know for sure)…

There are actually 2 kinds of T-Coils in the Oticon Epoq. One is a standard T-Coil and that is what is used for the old fashioned phone setting (T or M&T program). It can be triggered by the Auto Phone switch which is a magnetic reed switch. It can also be triggered by a manual phone program. Which you turn on/off by changing to program 2,3 or 4 with a button push…

I was told that the T-Coil(s) in the HAs used by the Streamer are digital and are “paired” to your Streamer by the AuD when he/she sets you up. (They have to put in the Serial Number of the HAs to match to your streamer i think)

As far as I know, the Phonak iCom & Oticon Streamer and Siemens Unit are all connecting to proprietary T-Coils or possibly FM in the HAs. ie. You could not use an iCom with an Epoq HA.

The 3rd party BT & Loop devices would be connecting to the Standard type T-Coils via a personal loop system. Basically the same way they would connect to a room loop.

The only part of any of the systems, propietary or 3rd Party, that uses Bluetooth is the connection between the Streamer and the Source Device ie. phone, iPod, TV Transmitter or CPU which must have bluetooth also.

If you & spouse have different HAs, you could probably use a room loop or there is also a number of TV listeing devices that work with a neck loop & the Standard T-Coil. Many have independant neck loops and many also have a cord that can be plugged into a Streamer or iCom audio input jack. So you & wife could use the same unit.

Your I-com transmits stereo. For this to work a t-coil is not sufficient, so the HA’s receiving stereo must be able to decode a stereo signal…through their own FM or bluetooth receivers.
The t-coil should be able to pick up the signal, but normally does not have the capability of decoding a stereo signal. You could both use the t-coil with various transmission choices but I am pretty sure you would only get a monaural signal.

My understanding is that iCom, while it is a induction loop that produces a magnetic field that is picked up by coils in the hearing instruments, it differs from a regular neck loop that works with t-coils.

t-coils: These pick up a magnetic field that is produced by putting a strong audio current directly through the neck loop turn(s). As far as I know this kind of operation (engineers call baseband) is used only for monaural operation (although you can conceive of putting a FM stereo style baseband through such a system I haven’t heard of anyone offering it).

iCom: This is my understanding -
The iCom compatible hearing aids pick up a magnetic field also but this magnetic field is fluctuating at 10.6 MHz. So the special coils in the hearing instruments produce a signal the is routed to a simple “FM receiver” tuned to 10.6 MHz in the hearing instrument. This simple “receiver” demodulates this signal and outputs either stereo or mono to the hearing instrument. It can also send data back to the loop for control functions etc…
Carrier Frequency: 10.6 Mhz
Occupied Bandwidth: 512 Khz
Modulation: 300,000 bits per second, continuous phase frequency shift keying
Audio Sampling Rate: 22 Khz
Audio BW: 10Khz

Neck loop work with t-coils but the induction loop creates a magnetic field and helps as a hearing aid.

And in plain English after all those fancy explanations … NO, the iCom does not work with or use a T-coil.