Are my Oticon Hit-Rite aids right?

I recently got fitted with a pair of Oticon open air Hit-Rite aids. After a couple of weeks I’ve noticed two possible problems that I would appreciate help with.

First, after the Rite receivers have been in my ear canals for an hour or two, they seem to be coming out. I notice that I can push them in a few millimeters, and then, an hour later, they are again out a little.

Second, it seems that when they have worked their way out I get some unpleasant distortion with certain notes of loud music, but not when they have been pushed back in.

Is this a problem with the length of the tube or the size of the dome? The instrument doesn’t sit very far from the top of my ear, but it is so light it’s hard to tell whether it should be closer to the ear.

Thanks for any comments, and for any information I can take to my Audio.

It’s hard to say what the problem is without seeing them in your ears, but it very well could be that the tubes are too long or short.

It could also be that you jaw movement is pushing the receiver out, in this case a smaller tip might help.

There are little tabs that you can put on the receiver to wrap inside the concha and hold them in. Try that if you don’t have them on.

The distortion when the receivers are out is probably artifacts, or entrainment, from the feedback suppression working overtime.

Another option is to go to a custom tip, which can still have an open fit venting.

Everything Antipode has said is correct, but the domes might actually be a little small, sometimes larger domes can help. Have you aud give you a few sizes to experiment with. Your aud might also need to bend the receiver wire a little.

you need to get an ear grip or retainer to get the speaker in place…
in order to avoid you need to have a music program…