Are my HAs automatic?

I keep reading people posts on the micon 7s and 5s that people are deciding against.

Some people have said that they will be getting the 7s so they don’t have to adjust their HAs when in noisy environments.

I never have to adjust my HAs even in noisy environments as I have sound flow and I never touch the volume. Does that means my HAs are automatic even tho I don’t have top of the range HAs?

I have the Naida IX UP (pre-Spice) and mine go into speech-in-noise automatically. There may be times I need to change it programmically (it’s one of my programs), but it usually does it on it’s own.

This morning as I was walking from the lunch room to my cubbie, I could hear the ice in my cup rattling until I had to pass through a noisy room and I noticed that I could not hear the ice any more. I knew my aids usually adjusted in that room, but that’s the first time I’ve noticed it in a while.

BTW NaidaUP, you know me on another site - with a slightly different screen name. :slight_smile:

I’ve just realised who you are :slight_smile:

My Naidas will go into speech in noise by itself. I read that some people find it goes into speech in noise at the wrong time but I don’t find that apart from when I’m on my bike but I’ve sorted that out by having a mirror on my bike.

It sounds like my HAs are automatic. I think that also helps that my Audi has managed to set them well.
I can still really struggle to understand people in quiet and noise but I do hear a lot better with my Naidas.

I’ve read that a lot of people have the speech in noise as a separate program as well but I’ve never been given that option.

Figured you would. I started on 2 forums with my Sumos name but then got the Naidas so I figured I better come up with a non-specific screen name for other forums.

Properly should change my name then as I won’t have my Naidas forever altho I would like them to last forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do know that both the 5 mi and 7 mi have a “noise” component, that is actually separate from a “quiet”. Both of these programs do this automatically. I think the 7 mi just takes it to the next level of focusing very distinctly on speech directly in front of you.

Ah ok. Might means the 7s have directional mics :slight_smile:

My Naidas have automatic (sound flow) speech in noise as well as a separate noise program. I have noticed a very distinct drop in noise in the automatic program while driving, not so much in crowded restaurants etc. “Different noise” my audi says.

I can confirm this. I actually had to reduce the “aggressiveness” because I found it to be a little too focusing.

I’m shocked that only the 7s can focus in front of the HA (directional) as no matter what level Naidas you get, they all do what the 7s only do.

When I am in noise, my sound flow works well. My speech in noise is good, I don’t notice a decrease or increase in noise between all sound flow options which I like. I don’t want my speech in noise to be really quiet.

I believe they can do it, however it has to be selected via program change vs the 7s being able to do it automatically.

The 7mi products have 6 destinations in their automatic program, including automatic microphone direction switching when they detect you’re in a motor vehicle. The 5mi only have 3 destinations in their automatic program, which is the same no. as soundflow in Naida V’s.

That makes sense :slight_smile: