Are my HA actually working for me few questions and staements


ok i have a loss form if i’m reading the audiogram correctly 10 and then it goes towards the right and down to 100.
so i’m calling this a 10 to 100 loss. can anyone tell me while looking at that line on the graph is the sounds to the left and down of this line what i hear or is it what i need aids for to hear? in my program i click the sounds button and i see overlays of things lije birds and stuff all over the page. but but it confuses me to what i’m hearing
let’s say the line was starting at the 0 and when diagonally down and right to 120 so the graph is cut in 2 pieces. so what is the hearing aid helping me with the lower left section or the upper right section?

i aske this because i have the moxi 20 pro aids and i programmed them using the in the ear settings becasue just entering the number just doesn’t seem to do anything for me. and when i plug them into my ears i hear stuff and echos and such. but i still can’t heat the wife and others. i have had the volume all over the place. i even went in the program and emphasized the things i thought were for what is was missing.

the other day my granddaughter had a birthday and they got her a cake that had a happy birthday song playing and they said it was loud and annoying i did not hear a thing. i turned up the aids and still nothing. so i took the noise maker out and put the thing up to my ear and in my ear i could get a few notes but over the aids mics nothing both sides the same so what do the hearing aid do? for me it seems like nothing.

and yes i have bitched to the audiologist for 5 years about not hearing anything with these adis. to the point i just got different units so i could program them myself. and just go to my appointments with the aids i got from her to satisfy the contract. now the old aids have stopped working so i will not go back anymore but it will soon be time to get new aids and i want to get something that is actually going to work for me not just make noise in my ear.

when the 4k hz plays i hear clicks and buzzes so i’m guessing i just will never hear those frequencies again but i was told the aids are supposed to take those noises and move them down to where you can hear. so did i hear that wrong? and i think the dr. just gave me aids that she figured i would buy and hear half way and be satisfied. i’m thinking the moxi ads are just not powerful enough and is should be getting something that does not have to work hard at the loss i have. included most recent audiogram. this place says severe loss my work said profound loss, so i’m a bit confused. thanks bp!



Maybe you should try Shoreline Hearing instead.



I’m no expert. Maybe I can provide some hints and clues.
Find another fitter. You have bog standard ski slope hearing loss. Entirely common for maturing people. Particularly men. If your fitter can’t fit your loss then go elsewhere.

The audiogram points (X=left, O=right) indicate the “volume” necessary for you to hear the tones of the test at those frequencies. So at 2khz you need 65db to hear the tone.

Did you draw the yellow lines? They appear to coincide with a shortened version of hearing levels with normal hearing up top, mild to moderate in the middle and severe to profound at the bottom. So you start in the normal range for the lower frequencies like bass and male voices. Then it plunges down as the frequencies increase like with child voices and irritating noise makers.

Hearing aid specs usually provide a shading overlaying the standard audiogram layout showing what range of loss the different powers of “speakers” can output. Maybe the ones you have don’t cover the whole range of your loss.

Yes, many aids have a way to lower the high frequencies so that they can be heard at your lower, more audible frequencies with less amplification.




No expert, but I am an engineer and I’m married to a nurse. Don’t know that buys you anything, but I agree you need to find a better fitter. You have profound loss at the high frequencies, and I am not surprised you can’t hear singing. I see you live in Michigan, and based on your audiogram, I assume near Muskegan. Why not drive to one of the Costco’s that are within an hour’s drive, and see what they recommend. They have multiple brands and a 181 day return policy. So, if the AIDS they sell you don’t work, you can get your money back. I wear Phonak’s and they have a feature that adjusts high frequency’s to lower frequencies. Other brands probably have a similar feature. I especially like the three year warranty on the Phonaks.

Good luck!



you sound exactly like my mother (you might wanna opt out and try some strong hearing aids too)



thanks for all that great advice. i may try the costco if i can locate one.(just did a search and found one 33 miles away) the place that this audiogram is from did fit me with muse i2400 devices and programed them and in the office it did sound better but they wanted 500.00 for me to walk out the door and if i did not keep them i had to forfeit that payment. i was not about to turn over 500.00 for aids that may not work after i leave the office. i wanted time for the evaluation.

i have my aids from shoreline hearing but they just can’t get them correct so i just got the program and tuned them myself and i can hear better but still not good enough so my aids may just not be what i need they may be too weak to do the job or not be taking sounds and moving them to where i can hear.

i say that the hearing aid should be making the sounds so i can hear closer to normal so i’m now leaning towards the phonak brand that is designed for profound hearing loss. every dr. i went to told me i do not have profound loss but the audiogram shows that. so they may be selling me aids for severe loss and those are not working for me. if i put in earbuds i can hear everything, but then everything is louder all over, the aids are made to help me with the sounds i can’t hear but don’t seem to be doing the job.

i’m going to try costco and ask them about my problem and see what they recommend. again thanks bp.



thanks i did not put anything on that graph. but the person that gave me the test handed me over to the salesman that then put the muse i2400 aids in my ears and then proceeded to program them to that paper. he may have done that or the tester may have done it as they were talking away form me and they both had something in that hands. i did not pay much attention as at that point it meant nothing to me.

i just did the costco hearing test and one question was about hearing birds and singing. i hear birds and singing maybe not real good. but kids the scream in there high pitch drives me out of my mind but i can’t hear that in the test.

so you are talking about that graph tell me what side of that graph is for loss the left or the right? i’m thinking it is the lower left of the graph is what i do not hear. being the numbers go up as the frequency goes up. is that correct? one of my questions! thanks bp.



You hear what is below the red and blue lines and do not hear what is above.



Hmm. I interpret it as simply points. The point indicates how loud the volume needs to be to hear the tone. So yes I guess the area below the points are the volumes that you can hear. The point is the starting point volume of being able to hear the tone. Further down goes louder.



About a hearing aid taking high frequency sounds and moving them down to lower frequencies where you hear better, you would probably benefit from that, but, it is probably not turned on by default. It is an option, so you or your pro (didn’t follow which one had frequency lowering) would have to turn that on. Plus, there are adjustments to that to tell it what range to lower, and where to put it.

For example, mine was initially set to 3000-4000 meaning that everything above 4000 was compressed into the 3000 to 4000 db range. That didn’t really help me because my hearing is still bad in that range. When we moved it back I started to benefit. I’m currently at 1750 to 3500 and it still sounds clear and I’m hearing speech better.

So, you have to turn it on and then set it so that it benefits your hearing loss.



Not their greatest fan but you want to try some Phonaks on that and get them to give you a couple of Sound Recover options.

It’s a decent enough loss, but pretty ‘bread and butter’ for a half competent audiologist.

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Which HAs did you do this compression on?



I adjusted bandwidth compression on the Costco KS8. I think it is under Fine Tuning, something about Bandwidth.



i do not see that option for the moxies in the program, so might be these do not have that option. and if they did i sure my dr. would have turned them on. so i think i need to look for a brand of HAs that have that option. some are saying phonak has it in some models so now to find those models. does no good to ask phonak, all they ever do is ask where im at and want to send me to a locar audi for a fitting. and more money for the fitting. to bad costco did not have an email to the dr. so i could talk to them. they all want you to call and hey i can’t hear well on the phone, so how do i talk on the phone. i did some research on both costco site and phonak’s site. costco has a limited selection but most likely could get other models and phonak has them all. so i have to see how thear are all comparing to what i need to get. thanks



thanks i was guess in what was above the lines was my trouble being the decb has to raise higher as the feq went higher. because they invert the graph. if the graph was inverted it would seem i could hear all sounds below the line and not above the line. but that is why i asked. and when i impose the sounds on the graph the sounds i have issues with are all in the lower left of the lines. thanks



You have been into the KS8s more than me. I’ve heard a lot of talk about HAs automatically gain adjusting over time. Have you noticed a setting in the KS8s for that?



In Connexx: Automatic Optimization/Automatic Acclimatization.
Assuming of course it’s the same for KS7 to KS8. It’s in Connexx so I would think it would be.



Thanks! I’ll check. Don has been adjusting KS8s (although I saw another post that he is returning them because of occlusion).



Yes, that’s it. You can tell it current settings are the end target or the starting point, and how long the acclimation period is.



so i again went to phonak’s site and they just have no help there to ask them on the site, so i have to do a contact up email and i’m betting they will not answer my question.

has anyone had good luck with the brand that has the online adjustment site i think it is called

you send them your audiogram and they send back the correct program. plus they do some hearing aid recommendations for you. so anyone use that site and there products? thanks.