Are my BTE aids the right size?

Hello. This is my first post, about my first pair of behind-the-ear hearing aids. I have previously used in-the-ear aids and am happy to have the open fit aids for both comfort and the more natural sound.

My question is that when I put the receiver device in my ear canal, the hearing aid bodies don’t lie against the back of my ears (pinnas) but are sort of “elevated.” Over the course of the day the receivers pull out a but creating a bit of a feedback situation.

If the aids lie back more against the ear, the thin plastic tub runs across the front part of my ears and doesn’t follow the natural curve of the ear.

Are the hearing aid bodies of BTE aids supposed to lie against the ear? I like and trust my audiologist, but this fit doesn’t feel quite right. Should the aids (or the tube) be changed, or is this sort of fit acceptable?

Thanks for your help.

Well the first thing I would do is remove the tubing and then put the aids behind your ears and see if they sit properly. The tubes being too long would tend to push the aids up. Another thing I would check is the space between the ear and your head. My space is narrow eliminating some aids which are thicker or fatter, but this also eventually leads to discomfort.

Could the tubing be reshaped (e.g., using heat), without impairing the acoustic characteristics?

it could using a hair dryier for less than a second.
Word of advice, this could void your waranty

Longer tubing might also help with shaping as xbuilder mentioned.

The cables sound too SHORT.

As you move the BTE around be sure they end up so that the directional reception pattern of the microphones is proper to maximize the directional effect (max. DI).

If the maximum lobe is pointed at the ceiling or blocked comprehension in noise will be severely attenuated. Ed

Quite right, you want the alignment with the horisontal plane +_10 degrees or less if possible. 0 degrees is ideal.

I would say the first thing to do would just be to tell your audiologist that the fit isn’t quite right.

They are your ears after all, and you are ultimately the person who can say whether or not they are fitting comfortably.

It is very simple to change the tubes on the receiver in the ear models, and he shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Plus, he might be familiar with heat shaping of the tubes. We actually had a Unitron rep show us how to reshape their receiver tubes with a dollar store hair dryer. She even left us the hair dryer :slight_smile: