Are Marvel performance levels software or firmware determined?


When I was having my firms Wang Computer upgraded from one to 10 megs many years ago (for $18K), the tech just flicked an internal switch. He explained that it wasnt efficient to manufacture numerous chips or boards and that all machines were fully featured but software restricted.
Will this be the case with the Marvels, or Will each level have its own firmware and chip?

I am trying a Trial model set to the M90 level and which can be dialed down to the lower levels so clearly they have the technology already. An audi told me that the commercial sets were independant and that you couldnt upgrade down the line by simply paying for a software feature upgade. Would audis even know.?
I dont understand why the manufacturers would not want to be able to exploit an existing client base with upgrades unless the hardware is so cheap that its easier to just swap it out. They could discount upgrades dependant on the remaining life expectancy of the sets.

Anyone know?


I remember the Wang. There were some IBM systems that you “upgraded” that way too.


I wonder whether Unitron still has upgradeability under patent, which would explain why Phonak, Signia and Bernafon aren’t doing it despite obviously having it all ready to work.


Performance levels are software (new firmware is NOT required to change levels for all HA’s I’m familiar with)


Would it not be a Sonova patent? Phonak would be able to use it as well in that case.


Unitron and Phonak don’t always share.


My first thought is ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY. Manufacturing HA’s must be cheap to make, the rest is PURE PROFIT down the line. A Renewable Money Maker every few years or so. I posed the question here before “what is the profit margin that the Audi’s make?” Knowing there are several Audi’s here, I never received an answer. Another indication of the HIGH Profit.
Just my 2 cents.

Audiologist Center Declines to Program Aids

Saw a site where audis are selling their practices and they profess an average profit margin of 22%.