Are Marvel 90s worth the price premium over the M50s?




I don’t make any more money selling a higher level device than I do an entry level device.

So far, independent research finds that people cannot tell the difference between levels. This is, of course, group data.

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Your comments are candid, informed and informative. Thank you.

I find it strange that your margins are not higher on the premium products you provide. This would require the wholesale cost to be substantially less for the M50s yet I understand that they are merely feature restricted by the software or firmware or will be. Can you elucidate?
(Back in the early 80’s I upgraded my firms Wang CPU from 1 to 10 megabytes for a mere $18K. I was pissed when the Tech merely flipped a switch. Should have put in a dummy board at least.)

Is there a citation for the study you reference?

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I’m not the owner, I don’t work on commission and I don’t have sales targets. Whether I fit a high level device or an entry level device has zero effect on my own paycheck, and I do not get any pressure from my boss to do one or the other. I try to keep myself fairly separate from the financials, but there are significant differences in the wholesale pricing of the different levels. Yes, the lower levels are feature restricted, but I don’t know about “merely”. The cost of hearing aids is certainly not based on the cost of the hardware. You’re paying for the R&D of those various features.

Which? I looked through a bunch this morning. The level comparisons? I think Robyn Cox has done a few. Try this:


I was in a very noisy restaurant this evening and I switched my M90R Marvels from the AutoSense 3.0 to the manual program Speech in Loud Noise. I did notice a difference in the ability to distinguish voices at my table from other loud voices on nearby tables although It was working okay with the AutoSense setting as well. The Marvels do work very well in noisy restaurant environments.


Kate and I were both fitted with identical (except for color) M90-R Marvels on Dec 26th. We eat out frequently and we’ve commented to each other what a difference they have made in restaurant settings with the ability to not only understand each other but the ability to understand people talking at other tables around us. We feel like we’re eavesdropping on conversations around us now! We both just leave our M90-R’s on AutoSense 3.0 all the time.


Is this something people with no hearing issues do as well?


As a business owner, we operate on the same basic model. There is usually no difference in the profit at each consumer level. A few times recently we’ve had to discount the top models due to online pricing comparisons so invariably the margin is actually lower on the higher models.


The UBC citation is not readily accessible.

I found the Robyn Cox papers in Ear and Hearing at:

Great stuff!

I think I will risk noisy restraunts to save $1600 and enjoy pricier wines.


I’ve always been able to pick up mobile phone callers very well. I don’t know why
this is… Other people’s cell calls.


There’s another situation where it’s not wholey clear whether there’s a difference between price levels. :rofl:


That’s a good question. I don’t remember ever being able to do that before. It’s quite probable that the Marvels are doing something with their selective beaming technology that is something like those guys at football games with those microphone cones they aim at the QB and we can hear what he barks out even with the crowd noise.


I’m getting the Roger Pen and taking up eavesdropping as a hobby!


Pretty costly eavesdropping device and I’m sure many participants “on the other end of the Roger Pen” wonder if someone isn’t taping their conversation?


A Roger pen is a pen, a pen is meant for writing. A perfect eavesdropping device. The KGB would be jealous.


So you think I’m getting rogered on the Roger?


Just had a fitting a few hours ago of M90 Rs and have paired with the TV box and my ipad as well as iphone 6plus.

Goodbye Brio 3s, you were ok but not in the same league. Good benchmarks however so time well spent. (Mine not Costcos)

First Impressions
Sound seems softer but clear. More comfortable if thats a measure but may just be skill of audi.
Being able to cycle programs with multi purpose buttons is wonderful and no hated Compilot to have to charge nightly.
Iphone app seems straightforward.
Dinner in noisy restaurant showed benefit of directionality even with open buds. Could hear wife talking normally without effort. Loud table to left was minamalized by splitting with app and bumping the right.
Brios were mediocre in restaurant but was at multi party table.

The biggest negative so far is the chest bruising as I poke looking for the Compilot. Muscle memory?


Day 1 with the M90 Rs.

Wouldnt connect to iphone 6. After 30 minutes 20 minutes with audi on phone deleting, forgetting, cursing and problem solved.

Noise in car good as winter tires on highway muted but was listening to iphone songs.

Returned Brio 3s. Asked why and replied that new Marvel M50Rs were at least two generations more technologically advanced but only a few hundred more. No brainer to me.

The buttons work well and conveniently. Remote app is bare bones with a lot more promised.

Switched to ipad and everything went to hell. Wouldnt connect so turned BT on iphone off and after more forgetting and forgiving connected.
When returned to iphone, pairings were gone. After a few more failures and a call to audi, meeting arranged for morning. Reinstalled Remote App twice and glory! Cancelled meeting.

BT is BUGGY. Sound is exceptional. We will survive.


Miss the Compilot 2 yet?


It sounds like this is what others have experienced and is related to them being able to pair with only device at a time. My take is that Marvels are best for those that want to pair with only one device, or can develop an efficient means to pair and unpair devices.