Are hearing aids only effective for distances up to six feet?

Why hearing aids are effective at only 6 feet? I have some situation where the distance is much more like a seminar hall and i can hear properly. I have to give interview to a 6 panel members and the maximum distance can be 10 to 15 feets. I think this effectiveness of hearing aids is in noisy situation. But in silent room this effectiveness can be much more. Share your experience guys. Thanks

It may be that you have a really bad hearing. I can hear fair in a big church fellowship hall. Also, you maybe like me and need to read lips. Or you may need to turn the volume up louder.
I go out into nature and I can hear the birds sign at a great distance but I do have a hard time understanding speech if someone is more that about 10 feet away and not using a mic. And if someone is wearing a mask, jus forget it I cannot understand them at all.

Who said hearing aids only effective at 6 feet??? If the sound can reach the microphone, it is amplified whether it is 6’ or 60’. Effective hearing distance depends on the person speaking (sound source), the amount of noise in the environment and your hearing loss. I have never heard the 6’ limitation before.


as a practical matter, I also find that when I am more than 6 feet away from the speaker the amount of speech that I can understand reduces considerably. So, I do think distance I a variable. This is not universally true, varies with voice of the speaker, accent, and their speech clarity, Ie ) do they have a speech impairment, are they soft spoken, do they enunciate well, can I see their lips, is there background noise, etc…

That is also true for people with normal hearing having the same issues.
I know with my hearing loss I can hear birds and other sounds much farther away than I can understand speech. It all seems to have to do with our heaing issues, and how well we can understand what is being said when we are face to face.

true, but when everyone else is enjoying a conversation and I understand 2/5 words spoken, and I am exhausted from trying to understand, well, frustration sets in, big time.


That too is so very true, there are times that I just tune it all out and say the hack with it.

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Could the distance factor be due to background noise? The more further away, the more likely there may be competing noise?

Absolutely. You lose 6 dB in sound for every doubling of distance and with constant background noise the signal to noise ratio drops fast as you move away from the sound source.