Are Costco ReSound Prezas Locked For Self Programming

I haven’t found a definitive answer to whether Costco Prezas are locked.

Have any of you been able to self program these aids?



I picked up my new ReSound Preza 861 aids at COSTCO a few days ago. After a lot of fiddling around I managed to get them paired to my Samsung phone. The ReSound 3D application on my phone works in two modes, Demo and what I assume is not Demo. I could change the volume and the curve representing the program amplification vs. frequency.
I am returning mine at the 10 day follow-up appointment. I have the custom ear molds and have feedback in the left ear. There is no Bluetooth setting for Phone Audio or Media Audio so they will not connect directly to my phone, computer, or lapel mic. For me, they are not nearly as good as my inexpensive Sound World Solution Companion hearing aids but voice clarity is superior.

I don’t know for sure, but all previous Resound aids have been locked by Costco and the lack of response to your post suggests that remains true.

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I just called my local Costco Hearing Aid Center and was surprised to find a HCP answered the phone (I thought I’d get a message that it was closed due to coronavirus).

I asked the woman if ReSound Preza were locked and she immediately and very straightforwardly said that they are. I asked if I were out somewhere in the West and needed a fix, would my only option be to go to a Costco and she said, “Yes. That would be so.”