Are costco hearing aids locked? Bernafon


Hi. I have been recommended by a very trusted audiologist that leaves in another country that I’ll be visiting soon, Bernafon. She mentioned that Costco sells them (which I confirm they do), but when I called Costco to ask if they were “locked” as to adjustments, they told me that they were and that all the hearing aids that Costco sells are “locked”
My original plan was to buy at Costco, and they do the fitting with the audiologist overseas, and if additional fittings are needed, look for an audiologist in Miami (where I live) as I will not be staying overseas long, just for a few days. But, if the tuning is locked, then I guess my plan is not feasible. I have read on the forum that some aids at Costco are locked and some are not. Were the people at Costco wrong when telling me that all of the hearing aids they sell are locked? I’m particularly interested about the Bernafon, due to the recommendation from this audiologist. any help is much appreciated! thank you


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To the best of my knowledge, the only Costco aids that are locked are the KS5 and KS6 that were made by Resound. The people at Costco were either wrong, or misunderstood your question. If one doesn’t have the software and programming device, all hearing aids are “locked” in one sense in that they are not user adjustable. I can attest that the KS7s are user progrmmable if one has the necessary software and hardware. Worst case scenario if somehow I’m wrong, send them back to Costco for a full refund, but I think there’s little chance of that being needed.

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We don’t know for sure until one of us buys and self-programs that specific model? Since most Costco buyers don’t self-program, and since most self-programmers don’t buy at Costco because it’s too expensive, it doesn’t happen very often.

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Thank you! since I’ll be taking this to an audiologist that works with Bernafon very often, she will have the software/hardware necessary to make the needed adjustments. what you say makes sense. I did explain to the people at Costco, but perhaps they misunderstood me or they rather not hassle with this “unique situations”. I love the price of Costco, I just wished they had more professional people (audiologist) to make the fitting and adjustments, as I was told that is as important as the hearing aid quality itself. Thank you!



When I mentioned anything resembling self-programming, they seemed to get a little leery. Even switched a fitter on me in between ordering and fitting.