Are batteries provided by the VA mercury-free?

I recently got new Starkey hearing aids from the VA and of course batteries. I had several batteries I had purchased for my old aids left over so I used them up. They were Powerone 0% mercury I just put the first set of batteries from the VA in today they are also Powerone but do not say mercury free. Why would the VA provide the ones that use murcury? I should mention they are 312 batteries. I liked the murcury free because I could discard them in the trash.

They are mercury free and have been for a number of years. I get my batteries from the VA also.

thats interesting the ones I bought said so on the package the ones they gave don’t say anything thanks for your response.

The previous patch did say mercury free, this patch says WiFi approved. But my research says that powerone hearing aid batteries have been mercury free for several years

Look at the front of the individual package, in the upper right corner, you should see a green quarter-circle with Hg0% meaning mercury free. On the reverse side are the words Zinc-Air.

your right they are mercury free I had torn off the top tab of the package before I opened it to remove the batteries my bad.

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Even if mercury-free, it would be much better if they would be recycled if for nothing else to recover the metal (presumably stainless steel). Does anyone know a place to recycle? I asked at my local Costco and was told I would have to tape over the air holes on each battery.


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I collect my used batteries in an old medicine bottle. When it’s full, either my wife or I take it to Costco.

They’ve never said a word about taping each battery. I don’t know if they recycle them or not, but it’s the best option I have. There simply is no place to recycle around here.