AppleTV with BlueTooth

We have two older AppleTVs, both w/o BT. Now that I have HAs that can accept BT, I am thinking about getting the newer version of AppleTV that has BT rather than buying an expensive TV streamer. Does anyone here have any experience with pairing with AppleTV?

BTW, I’m new here and this is my first post. I’ve learned so much here over the last few weeks, I feel so much better informed. Thanks to all.

I don’t think the TV supports aid but check in their forum.

Check to see what iOS version your HA supports, and make sure that the new AppleTV that you buy is on that iOS version or later. iPhones and iPads and iPods are on iOS, but MacBooks are not on iOS but instead are on MacOS so MacBooks are not compatible with MFI HAs. I think AppleTV is on tvOS, no? So I’m not sure if tvOS supports MFI HAs or not, but probably not. I thought I read something about Apple trying to port iOS to AppleTV but I don’t know what AppleTV model has iOS in particular.

But since you already have your MFI HA, just try to pair it with the AppleTV in the store first to see if it works before you buy.

Having standard BT alone on AppleTV or MacBooks is not good enough for the MFI HAs. It has to be the proprietary low energy BT Apple use on their iOS to work with the MFI HAs.

I should’ve been more clear. I intend to use the Phone Clip+ just as I would with any non-Apple product such as the TV Streamer or Indigo Bluetooth device I read about on these forums. So I assumed that iOS wouldn’t matter. Would I be wrong with that assumption?

Yes, you’re correct that if you only plan to use the Phone Clip + then as long as the new AppleTV has the standard BT then it should work OK with it. Only direct streaming would require the iOS.

I love using MFi with my iPad. I have KS8s. I don’t know what the distance limitation is (maybe the same as Bluetooth). I have tried it out to 30 feet - still works very well. It would be great if TVs had this capability. I think it is not quite the same as regular Bluetooth. If you hear of any that have this capability (or even attachments) let me know.