Apple Watch with MFI Hearing Aids Clicking



I’m new here, but not new to HAs or mfi HAs.

I got my Starkey Halo2 i2400’s a little over a year ago, just after I bought my Apple Watch series 2. I have used them with Iphone 7 and 8 Plus phones and most of the releases of IOS since IOS 10. I’ve used Watch OS 3 and 4 on the watch.

Here is the problem. Randomly, and several times a day, I will answer or place a call or stream music and one or the other of my aids will start to click every half second or so. The only ways I have been able to stop it is to turn off the watch. When I turn it back on, sometimes the clicking comes back immediately and sometimes it doesn’t return for some length of time.

I have talked with Starkey tech support on multiple occasions and they say it is an Apple problem and that Apple is working on it. I have seen others online say that Apple told them it is a problem with the manufacturers of the aids, which is hard to believe since so many different models seem to have issues with it.

What I would like to know is the following:

Does anyone have any experience with the Apple Watch 3 and this clicking issue? The series 3 is supposed to have a new BT antenna, so was curious.

Also, I would like to find out how many people who own an Apple Watch have had this problem with their aids.

Thanks in advance.