Apple watch compatability


Just got an Apple watch and it doesn’t play well with my OPN1’s. I can still answer calls via my iphone but if I try from the watch if fails.

Anyone know what brands of aids work well with the Apple watch?



It sounds like the operating system does not support MFi. Here is a potential work around.

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I have the watch and for now you will need the connect clip if you want to hear the watch on the hearing aids. There my be a future version of the watch or the watchOS that my fix that



My Apple Watch works well to control my HAs–but my phone has to be fairly nearby because my watch doesn’t have cellphone connectivity. I have ReSound Quattros.

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From Apple

To use the Made for iPhone hearing aids, you need one of these devices with iOS 7 or later:

The watches just aren’t compatible yet, there are rumors about the next OS due out later this year, but nothing definite yet.

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WatchOS 6 (beta) has settings for hearing aid connectivity but they aren’t yet “active”, so it’s unclear how it will work…

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Thanks all, good info.

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