Apple iOS 14 released and available for download

Updated and the whole process was really nice. My Starkey Livio edge AI work fine and the thrive app works great too. It was a great update.

Ok, so the real upgrade to iOS 14 is the ability to add an audiogram to your health profile and have the device adjust to your hearing loss for all system sounds, music, video, all audio. Plus, it’s supposed to be able to do the same for transparency mode on the AirPods Pro which would be similar to HAs functionality. Anyone try THESE features yet and can report on them??

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This update is interesting. It has the ability to use the air pod pro into a assisted hearing device. It also has updated features. I will be interested to see how it improved the use of my hearing aids app.

I have seen no changes with my hearing aids, the play system sounds isn’t something I want so not using.

Thanks. I just did the upgrade and hand not have time to explore the new features.

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A new feature of iOS 14 that I have found helpful is Sound Recognition. There are 13 sounds you can choose to be alerted for and the phone will notify you if it thinks it detects the ones you have enabled. This feature can be accessed in the Hearing section within Accessibility.


I don’t see how/where to add audiogram. Is that just for AirPods?

Go to Settings, Health, and Data Access and Devices. There will be a list of apps that can be used with the Health app there if they are installed including ones that allow audiogram access. I’m using an app called Hearing Test that shows up there and I can enable access to the audiogram from that app there.

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I only have standard wired EarPods but I’ve added a Mimi audiogram and it sounds a lot brighter with the accommodations on. I’ve tried sound recognition but it didn’t recognise running water in the same room as a tap and has been a bit hit and miss with door knocks. I don’t have any pets or a doorbell and I can still hear alarms/sirens to need those ones on or be able to test them

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Thanks… does it do anything for/with hearing aids or is this just for airpods?

Looks like just AirPods

I am still irritated by the actions between my iPhone and iPad as they try to fight for control of my aids. So I just keep the Bluetooth off on my iPad until I need to stream from the iPad. My iPad has newer hardware and just brutally takes the aids control away from my iPhone

I like that…

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I see there are various apps (mimi, etc) that you have to have to use audiogram… I guess you take a “hearing test” through the app and it loads audiogram for you… not sure it’s useful at all if you already have hearing aids… I don’t have iPad but sounds like a pain…

I love my iPad it is the mini 5, bigger than any of the iPhones but smaller than the big iPads. I use it mostly for reading books. And it has all of the capacity of the large iPad but a smaller screen. And so much easier to travel with. To be honest I sometimes wish they made an iPhone this size with the full iPadIOS

I think “foldable phones” might be the next big thing…

Yes they are coming but for me no thanks, at least until they figure out how to make them not break

Pretty sure it’s for all headphones because the EQ of music and video will be effected as well. This should help encourage listening to music and podcasts and video at lower volumes because we will be able to understand speech and lyrics better without blasting it. And lower volume helps prevent more hearing loss. Currently I have music EQ set on “reduce bass” so I can turn volume up for my high frequency loss But this update is supposed to supersede even the music EQ settings and be customized for your specific loss, not just a general boost to ALL high frequencies.

I have aids and my main program does it all for me.

Your main program does not change the sound of regular headphones or AirPods. Only your HAs. And no HAs offer good sounding music with it’s full spectrum of frequencies.

Oh, and regarding Bluetooth I’ve written to Apple about that very problem. Settings need an update similar to Wi-Fi networks where you can choose which Bluetooth devices auto-join and which do not.