Apple iOS 14 released and available for download

Hey everyone. Just an FYI that Apple just released iOS 14. I’m just downloading and installing it onto my iPhone 11 Pro Max right now. Thought I would create a discussion thread on the update on how it works with your hearing aids. I’m a Resound Quattro user.



I just finished the update and everything is working just fine. There is a new toggle in the Accessibility setting for “Play System Sounds”. I think this is new and it is defaulted to off.


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Thanks for the update info. I have the Costco Resound Forte 8 (old Linx 3D) and had such bad luck with iOS 13 release on a new iPhone 11 Pro max that I finally sent it back. I had two weeks of misery, hours a day with Apple support and hours a day in the local Apple store. The local store even gave me an extra 2 weeks to work out the iOS 13 issues on the 11 Pro max, in vain. Four weeks later I gave it back to them.

Then my Xs max gave me fits with my hearing aids for over 6 months. I’m more than a little gun shy on iOS 14 after the months long dumpster fires of iOS 13. I’ll keep an eye on things before I update to 14.

Just updated 11promax to ios14, working great with my Resound

I downloaded it. I have Oticon OPN S1 rechargeable; I also have TV box. Unfortunately while connected to TV box and when I toggle “play system sounds” on, every time I got a text the aids disconnect from TV box. They reconnect after a couple seconds but it’s too annoying so I toggled the “play sounds” off . I’m going to send Oticon feedback and hope they fix it

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I’m downloading it right now.

I got the iPhone XR to be able to connect it to my hearing aids fully. Now Rexton (I have Costco KS8 hearing aids) has developed (or adapted) a new app, and for the life of me neither I nor the tech could get it connected. Maybe this will solve that problem.

Both Smart Direct and the new Rexton app have worked great for me starting with iOS 14 beta 5 which was released about a month ago. It’s also good with the iOS 14 final release. I have the KS8s and use an iPhone7.

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I’ve got an iPhone XS and 4-year-old ReSound Linx2 9 HAs. I installed iOS 14, and enabled Play System Sounds via Settings / Accessibility / Hearing Devices. Keyboard clicks play in my HAs as expected. Unfortunately, Text Alert sounds don’t play in my HAs or on my iPhone. Incoming calls don’t ring in my HAs but rather ring on my iPhone. I’m guessing the problems are due to my 4-year-old HAs. Frustrating.

I have been advised to hold off downloading IOS14 if using the Phonak app - apparently the App won’t work - I phoned Phonak locally and they indicated that an update for the App will be out in October but couldn’t give me a date.

I’m hoping Resound, Phonak and the other hearing aid manufacturers create Widgets for iOS14 that you can drop onto the home screen. Would be nice to have quick access to program switching or other app features.



This might have changed in iOS 14, since I am still on iOS 13, however there are two ways now. Hopefully that does not change in 14.

1 - configure Control Center like this Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls. Now add the Hearing icon (looks like an ear). Then a swipe down from the upper right on the lock screen or home screen will show like the photo below.

2 - Triple click the Power button from any screen or even in sleep mode with no screen display bring this up. Configure that from Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing Devices -> Control on Lock Screen. This shows the screen below.


Do you have any hints for me? I can still connect just fine to the Smart Direct app, but when I attempt the RX app, all I get is a “failure to connect” message. It claims my aids aren’t paired with the phone, but they are.

I update my iPad software last night. So far all is well with linking to my resound Preza(s). Now if one of my grandkids just lived closer and could show me how to take advantage of iOS 14, I’d be in “hog heaven”!

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I updated my iPhone 11 to iOS 14 last night and my Starkey Livio Edge AI and Thrive app work fine. I also updated my iPad WiFi (6th Gen) but I had/have Bluetooth turned off. I’ll try pairing with my HAs later, as I don’t need streaming for the iPad.

Have you had any issues streaming or connecting with your phone at all? (I have the same HAs and wasn’t sure if it was safe to upgrade to 14 or not.)

Side Note: Do your Oticon’s whistle a lot? Even though they’re marketed as pretty much whistle proof? Sorry, I don’t know anyone else with this brand of HAs.

That happened to me last week with iOS 13, I just turned off my iPhone and powered up again, got fixed. Updated to iOS 14 haven’t had nay issues.

Hi… Haven’t had any other issues with streaming or connecting… just the glitch with the “play system sounds” toggled on and TV box …

Regarding whistling… yep … I started out 3years ago with OPN 1 (Z power…) ; it was my first hearing aid so I’m a relative newbie … I had such trouble with the Zpower batteries; Oticon finally agreed to swap them for the OPNS1 (lithium ion) last December … I had another hearing test this past June and hearing had chaged (worsened) slightly… when the audiologist reprogrammed the aids to match my latest audiogram I was getting awful whistling/squealing … Audiologist adjusted them to lessen the squealing but said I wouldn’t hear as well as I could- guess because hearing in higher freqs is worse, and the feedback suppression is also in high freqs (I think that’s what she said…) she said that was cause of whistling/squealing… I’m currently wearing domes (power domes) but I decided I should try molds, so I’m waiting on them… hopefully that will lessen the whistling/squealing and still give me hearing close to my audiogram… … I said I was frustrated because Oticon touts there superior feedback management; again, I think she said it’s due to my audiogram and the fact that my hearing is worse in higher frequencies… You can see my audiogram under my profile… sorry for the long answer… I think you’re okay downloading iOS14 - not sure if you use TV box but if you do, just be aware if you turn the “play system sounds” on… I did talk to Oticon support today and they pointed to Apple for the issue … Perhaps it’s related to bluetooth standard? Let me know if you have any other questions…

Thank you for answering! I’m very new to Hearing Aids as well (I started using them about a yearish ago).

Yes, I’ve had the same frustrations regarding whistling and I know it’s not a HA thing because the ReSound Quattros I previously had never did the whistle unless I cupped my hand over my ear (they were the first HAs I had so it was my adjustment period). The Oticons whistle constantly! My hearing loss is actually in the mid range so I don’t have many issues with high or low pitches… only mid… so basically anyone talking.

Thank you for taking the time to verify the update for me and also talk about a similar issue. My AuD doesn’t really have many clients with Oticon (so it’s hard to get a read or answer quickly - sometimes she has to reach out to colleagues and they have to poll their clients) as her fav brand is ReSound (which I have to say had pretty amazing aspects to them) but Oticon just fits my ears better.

Thanks again regarding the update info!

Sorry but I’m at a loss as to why you are having issues only with the Rexton App. I will say, though, that the Rexton App is just a defeatured version of Smart Direct. After trying the Rexton App I much prefer Smart Direct.

iOS 14 working well
Oticon app continues to do its random stuff but it did this on the previous iOS