Apple iOS 13 beta 7 and MFi bugs getting fixed

For iPhone Beta and Mfi users, iOS 13.7 seems to have fixed most of the iOS audio routing issues, ones that would cause the iPhone to lose communication with the aids or stop responding to the iPhone’s aids control. In previous iOS versions, Phone calls would result in one or the other aid not communicating, and sometimes the incoming call would not route to the aids, but go into a hunt mode where it couldn’t decide where to send the audio - speaker or aids. Also, in 13.6 and earlier 13, there were problems with the phone changing volume levels when switching apps.

Also, for Resound Smart users, the app now maintains communication with the aids when it is not in the for front. It seems to override the built in iOS aids controls, so it seems like both cannot be active at the same time.


For clarity, you mean beta 6 / beta 7. iOS 13.7 doesn’t exist, and Apple usually doesn’t go past X.2 or X.3 after it releases.

Glad they’ve squashed some bugs! Much needed. I left the iOS MFi platform (ReSound Linx and then Quattro’s) for Marvels for a multitude of reasons, one of which was Bluetooth issues with iOS.

I have used the various 12.x versions, and am currently on 12.4 with my i7 phone and have not experienced any bugs with MFi. Using the KS8 aids. Have not ventured into any of the beta versions…


I was a beta tester most of my working years, I am now retired and not interested in beta testing anymore. But so glad that there are the one that do that work because it is very important in helping to get the devices and software working correctly

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Yes iOS 13 beta 7 works better with HAs, though switching from Air Pods for music and back to HAs is still unreliable.

I realize I should not have jumped to the beta, but I really wanted to see the dark mode and iPadOS, so I backed up the iPad and installed the beta 6. I really, really, really liked the dark mode, having used android for 8+ years keeping dark mode with various customizations.

I backed up my iPhone and installed 13 beta 6, and had HA / Air Pod transfer issues. I messed up something in saving the backup, so cannot restore the previous iOS 12 version. Lucky for me that beta 7 solved the worst of it. :upside_down_face:

and I hope you all are reporting your problems to Apple. We need to make a lot of noise to get them to make MFi work properly…

Of course. I learned the importance of feedback back in the late 1990’s testing drivers for OS2 developed by a guy in Australia. Ah the days of dial up 2400 baud modems and 6 hour downloads… :open_mouth:


I am just curios about the programability of the iPhone. can I choose a custom program to activate automatically when the call comes. Or maybe automatically turn off microphones for outside and focus only on the call. ?

Yes, MFi or not, iPhone has an auto answer feature.

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I am not sure that functionality is part of the iPhone software. With the MFi settings you can select where the audio goes; to the iPhone, to the hearing aids, or Automatic. Automatic directs phone call audio to the hearing aids, and automatically to the vehicle if you are paired to your vehicle with Bluetooth.

At least on my hearing aids (KS8) the programming software control the audio when streaming (music or phone calls). You can set the frequency response as streaming is different than hering through the microphones. You can also set how much you want the microphone (ambient sounds) attenuated when streaming. Default is 70%. You can also set whether or not you want the hearing aid streaming volume adjusts automatically based on your surrounding noise level. But that is all in the hearing aid programming software.

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Any updates on if audio handoff is between iOS devices is being fixed?

autoanswer has been in iOS and Android for sometime now. It is not dependent on Siri.

I got the public beta 31.1 and it still sucks. The simplest improvement is to disable all audio alerts, like incoming text, keyboard clicks. That helps some. But opening text messaging app will still half mute the aids. And some call will still create an incoming audio confusion situation - back and forth from speaker phone to Mfi…


I was on iOS 13 beta 6, then iOS beta 13.1, and had so many issues with my Costco ReSound Forte 8 that I had to do a full recovery and install back to iOS 12.4.1 for the sake of my hearing aids and iPhone and Watch batteries! It was like the iOS MFI and the ReSound Smart 3D app were continuously in a tug-of-war for HA control. Gah!!

I have beta tested many things over the years OS/2, Linux, Android. This iOS experience was the first time I had to revert back to a public release. I have the iPadOS beta on my iPad with no issues, but I have not paired HAs with it, not will I now. :grinning:

That is why there are always so many betas for apple due to the tight interactions between all of the apple products as well as the made for IOS devices and apps. To do their beta testing correctly you would have to keep all of your devices at the correct beta levels to make sure everything worked together.

They do conflict for sure. And I have had many problems with the iOS built in hearing aid control app simply not working. What I really hate about iOS13 is that is also messes with the volume levels when other apps are in the front… Or when putting the phone to sleep. It’s a mess and I have let Apple know several times through the feedback app but they never respond either with a message or by fixing the problem. I see what they did to screw it up and that was add in more bluetooth audio features…


The fixes if done will only happen in the next beta or the final release, and there will always be unfixed issues in the final release that is why there is alway a number if updates to each release.
And seldom will you get a reply from the developers.

Just got my first pair of hearing aids. I’m also a beta tester presently using IOS 13.1 beta 2. Additionally, with resounds update. It appears to now be working. Not sure of the problems above mentioned but I’ll be following other post to see how things work. Still not hundred percent sure I like all this. I have profound hearing loss in my left ear, with my right ear seems to be normal, but I do have both hearing aids in. Any advice or help. I’ll be tracking comments and looking for other advice on this forum

For me, iOS 12.4.1 with the Costco/Phonak software for Bluetooth, any time I turned my phone on, my hearing aids would go to ‘phone’ mode, quieting the outside world. With iOS 13.1 betas, it only does it when Siri is activated, I get a call, or I play music - ie: seems to be functioning as it should. Interestingly, when I was trying the actual Marvels, and had the Phonak software with iOS 12, it all worked as it should (as under iOS 13 beta).

Not true. They are now on iOS 13.1 beta 2 and the issues are still there, at least on my end