Apple iOS 13.1 and MFi - Notification Alert Tones

I took a chance in whacking the hornets nest with a stick and download the 13.1 version today. I have a iPhone 7, KS8 Hearing Aids, and use the Connexx Smart Direct app. Everything seems to be fine.

The phone works and rings direct to my aids. I get a message alert direct to my aids, which I did not used to get. I don’t use my phone for e-mail, so can’t comment on that. I do not get a lot of messages, so this is all fine for my use.

The MFi triple touch on the home button works. The Live Listen works but does not seem to be real sensitive.

Hope that helps those considering a download… I can’t see any reason not to do it. However, I am not a power user of the iPhone.


I just turned OFF the message tone -although I would like to have it go to the phone … but I do get a “buzz” on my watch so at least I get some notification…

I also noticed that if I leave the message tone on - and I’m connected to TV box (oticon) , the connection to TV box cuts in and out whenever I do ANYTHING on my phone… with message tone off it helps with this issue although the TV connection does till cut in and out when I do certain things on my phone…

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You’re brave. I’m holding off for a while.

So, there does seem to be an issue with new message alerts. It sends me a test alert sound to my HA’s when I choose the tone type for the new message Notification. However, I get nothing when an actual new message comes in.

Did you download ios13?

No, I never downloaded 13.0, only 13.1.

Interesting… wonder why 13.1 didn’t fix the issue ? Is it possible that it wouldn’t fix the problem that 13.0 caused?

I downloaded 13.1 on the new iPhone 11 pro, no problem pairing with my Resound Cala HA. Resound app also working properly.

What do you have for an iPhone? I have the 7 and I can’t get message alerts. A friend has the SE model and he gets alerts to his aids. Has same KS8 aids as I have have, and started getting the alerts after iOS 13.1 was installed. Perhaps it is a specific phone issue.

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There are many reporting same issue with both IOS 13 & 13.1. I faced same with both versions with OPN S and had to switch off notifications.
Am not sure if HA would need to have update after 13.1 or it’s just IOS flaw?

Can you not go to Settings, Sounds & Haptics, and then just set each app to give you a message alert or not? I can, but it still do not get the alert.

Issue is you can’t turn off text tone to hearing aids unless you shut it off completely. In accessibility on iPhone there is an option to turn off ringtones but that’s only for phone calls. The ringtone still goes to the phone but not to the aids. They didn’t give us the same option for message tones.

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With the help of my friend who has the same aids, the problem seems to have been solved. My problem of not hearing the alerts was that the switch on the left side of the phone up above the volume control buttons was switched to “silent” with a red/orange color showing. Changed it and now everything seems good (so far). See highlighted image below. In Sounds and Haptics I turned the keyboard clicks off, which was very annoying.

Edit: Turned off the Lock Sound as well. It was annoying too…


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I think it iOS flaw. They need to give us option under accessibility to turn off message tones like they have for ringtones

Hay Sierra, The issue I don’t want the Notifications in my ears I need it to come out from phone only (Same as iOS 12) or to have the choice to switch it off.

Here is my take on all of this which do you want the notifications or to hear correctly what is happening around you. The only notification I want is what I get the iPhone rings into my hearing aids and then I get the notification of who is calling. All other notifications are just annoying. I can even live without the ringing and who is calling as long as I can hear through my aids the call itself.

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This what was already in IOS12 but now your either have notifications ringing in your ears or you switch off all (even on your phone)! This is a ridiculous flaw . They couldn’t just copy/paste same program from previous iOS :joy:

Than my iPhone works differently I have the ringtone in my aids and also who is calling. But all other notifications are off.

I have my ringtones (phone) on on the phone, but in the accessibility section, I have ringtones set to “off” so they don’t go to my aids… Apple should have done the same thing with message tones, but there’s no option in accessibility for this, so I just turned message tone off in main settings completely and just have the vibrate to my watch to alert me to incoming texts… I could leave it on and find a less obnoxious tone for messages but noticed that when I do that, and I’m using TV box, the hearing aids will cut in and out of TV box any time I do most things on my phone while I’m watching TV (checking email, facebook, texts,etc) … with the message tones turned OFF it still cuts out sometimes but not nearly as much …

Under Sounds and Haptics you can individually turn them off (choose none), but that probably turns them off for both the ears and the phone.