Apple iOS 13.0 problems

I’m have lots of problems with iOS 13.0 and using my Signia 7NX. Problem I’m having is when using StreamlineTV and iPhone X simultaneously. When I have streamlineTv streaming TV audio cuts out when I do anything on the iPhone. I certainly don’t want tv audio to cut out when I messing around on the phone.I personally would not recommend updating to iOS 13.0

Some of us have had one issue or another with iOS 13 beta versions for the last month.

I agree, iOS 13 still needs to have some niggles / bugs / issues worked our for use with MFI / hearing aids. I was on iOS beta 13 # 6 & 7, then IOS 13.1 beta 1 and had continuous tug-of-wars with MFI and the ReSound app trying to control my hearing aids at the same time, which meant I could not make the choices I wanted.


My Iphone 7 updated overnight and now my Oticon hearing aids no long get any sounds from the Iphone at least I can use my connect clip. The aids do pair and show connected but they no longer get any sound from the iphone except by the connect clip

Have you checked in the MFi Hearing Devices screen and checked how Audio Routing is set up. Both my call and media are set to Auto.

yes I have tried all of the settings. none work. I am waiting for a call back for Apple support now.

I contacted Apple support and I have figured it out. My ipad air 2 is still on OS12.4.1 and for some reason it takes control even when it shouldn’t. I have to keep the bluetooth on the ipad disabled to keep the hearing aids connected to the iphone with IOS 13 on it. The aids seem to only want to connect to the older IOS

Apple support says they should work together without any issues and that when a call comes in the iphone should take control of the aids then when the call is over the aids should go back to the ipad for music or what ever I was listening too. But as I told the support supervisor it has never worked that way. Which ever device has controls refuses to release the aids without disabling the bluetooth until they switch to the other device then they stay there, well that is no longer true for me the ipad with the older IOS seems to be the master and grabs the aids back. So I have just forgotten the aids on the ipad for now.

I’ve noticed the same thing - aids disconnect from TV box (OPN S 1 rechargeable) whenever I send a text from my phone, go on facebook… looking at email on phone doesn’t seem to affect it … I hope next ios will fix that … also noticed that text ringtones are now going to my aids… I always thought this was something I wanted, but now I don’t ! Can’t figure out how to stop that… anybody? I have “ringtones off” in the iphone accessibility settings, but I guess that only applies to the phone ringtone? can’t see any other setting … would be nice to have option to choose to have the text tone sent to ears or not … anybody?

Have you tried going to the message app and turning the notification for it off?

Yes I finally did that, but now I don’t get any notification … would prefer to have it like I have phone set up …I have “ringtones” set to OFF in accessibility section , because I don’t want phone ringtones going to the aids , but I still have ringtone on the phone itself… would have thought the text ringtone would behave like the phone ringtone?

I wear Beltone Legend HA’s and use Beltone HearPlus app with an iphone X. I updated my iphone to ios 13 and no longer am able to use the Beltone HearPlus app. It won’t open.
Another problem I’m having is I hear muting in my HA’s when swiping between apps. It’s very annoying.
Does anyone else have these issues? Looking for suggestions to fix them.
Thanks so much!

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I have oticon OPN 1S rechargeables … also iphone X … I’ve noticed that when I’m using TV connect box whenever I do something on my phone (send a text, open Facebook,etc) the hearing aids will disconnect from the TV box for about 5-10 seconds… they do eventually connect again but it is quite annoying. haven’t figure out a fix … hopefully it will be fixed in next ios13 iteration… the other thing I have noticed is that I now get the text tone in the hearing aids when I get a text but there is no way that I have found to shut this off, unless I shut off the text tone notification completely… I would prefer to have the tone but NOT go to my hearing aids … There is an option under “accessibility” in iphone to shut off ringtone, but not text tone… hope this gets fixed as well…

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Has any body else experienced same problems connecting iOS 13 and the Compilot I am able to receive and make calls but I cannot use the software

I don’t know how accurate this is, but I have developed the theory that the iPhone pairs with devices independently of any add on app software. I have not been brave enough to try 13, but with 12 I find this MFi pairing to be very reliable and robust. I can’t say the same for the software app with the KS8 hearing aids I have. The Connexx Smart Remote frequently loses pairing, and tells me that I must have new hearing aids and they need to be repaired. However when I check in MFi they are always paired… My suspicion is that it is a communication problem between the app and the iPhone iOS. In your case it may also be a compatibility problem of the app with the new iOS.

Bingo!! ^^^^^ This ^^^^^

I got my 11 Pro max yesterday, of course with iOS 13. Transferred all data from my Xs max, fingers crossed. (I plan to keep the Xs for a few weeks incase I need to go back to 12.4.1). All went well, mostly. I had to forget the HA BT pairing that transferred, and re-pair, that was quick and positive.

Then setup the ReSound app, that was a pain in the tuttie! It kept jumping to Demo mode, I had to delete it, restart the phone, over a dozen times before it finally connected to the HAs. @#$%&

I had stated on the 1.4.1 version since there were so many reviews with users having issues with 1.5.0, but the new phone data transfer got the new 1.5.0 version. After the gauntlet of pairing, there are new agreements related to the Remote Assist, however I have Costco ReSound Forte, and Costco does no remote assist. So I show a badge on the app, and an exclamation in the app on “My ReSound” section.

Other than that it works! :wink: No more tug-of-war with MFI and the ReSound app like in beta 13. Also I use AirPods from music and podcasts when outside, and the ReSound app counld not handle the HAs and AirPods separately, trying to send sound to both, which does not work.

So I dodged bullets for now with the iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13. Apple pushed up the iOS 13.1 release to Sept. 24, I know it has many bug fixes, some MFI related.

I have read that Apple made numerous changes to bluetooth in iOS 13. I’m having problems with a BT blood pressure cuff as well. Takes many tries to pair and then looses the app connection overnight.

Ah, yes, the bleeding edge… :roll_eyes:

They have increased security a lot, it makes it harder for apps to interact with bluetooth, GPS, and all other networking. I am being asked to allow apps connect to this and that that I never got messages for before.

I’m having the same issue as you. Even as it type this audio go out on streamline TV. Also goes out when I get notifications, type in address bar. Moist anything I do sound goes out. Annoying most of all is the amount of time it takes sound to return it’s like 15-30 seconds! Having exactly same problem on iPhone 11 as I did on IPhone X so it’s not phone specific. I talk to a accessibility specialist at the Apple store and they said they are getting a lot of phone calls and there should be a update to iOS 13 soon. Of course they also tried to blame it on my HA app.

If it only happens when you swipe between apps consider yourself lucky! :slight_smile: It happens to me even when I’m typing this message and many other times. And yes it is a very long pause before the sound comes back on. I did talk to an accessibility specialist and he said they’re getting a lot of calls, but he also tried to blame it on my app,so who knows. Hopefully a update of iOS 13 will be coming soon.

iOS 13.1 will arrive Sep. 24th, four days. I have seen many posts that it solves some MFI bugs, we will see how it goes. (fingers crossed)


For those that are rushing in to use iOS13 do you get the urge to whack a hornet’s nest with a stick when you see one?

Seriously, I have nothing but gratitude for those that test the new stuff and endure the frustration of doing so. The bleeding edge is always an experience.

What frustrations. It is working great once I figured out my stupid mistake.