Apple Glass could replace your AirPods — here's how

Interesting read:

Interesting concept…

I wonder what the price? And whether the batteries will be replaceable?

I think that I’d be an Apple user now instead of Android if the Apple Watch battery were replaceable. Instead it’s not, probably due to its other advantages like its water-resistance. When I griped about the lack of replacement when iPhones and iPads can have their batteries replaced at a reasonable price. the Apple support person just suggested buying Apple Care at about $70/year and I’d get a free replacement watch whenever the watch battery on my original gave out. Hope the same sort of situation will not obtain for Apple Glasses - an expensive device with a non-replaceable battery - although if the battery is in the glasses’ temples, maybe it will be easily and cheaply replaceable but just changing out the temples?

Just prototypes at this point with estimated release in 2023. Battery residing in temple would make sense. I saw some speculation on price in another article in Tomsguide and range of possibilities seemed to be $500-$1500? That was my take anyway

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