App that allows Android smartphone to be used as a remote microphone

Hello everyone -

I wear dual Phonak Marvels and while watching television the other day, this idea popped into my head.

Is there an Android app, that when placing an android smartphone near the TV speaker, will transmit sound to my hearing aids? Building on this, could the smartphone be used in this manner to pickup voices at a conference table, somewhat like Phonak’s Roger microphone

I do have the Phonak TV link on one set, but I own multiple TV’s in the house and moving the TV link from set to set isn’t a solution, nor is buying multiple TV links, which must be programmed by an audiologist and added to the Phonak phone app.

I did try an app called Tunity. This app scans your TV screen, finds the broadcast channel and streams the audio through your phone. It worked great, the audio was clear however there were two huge minuses. First, the app requires you to watch a video which seemed like every 15 minutes, interrupting your show/movie. Second the app did not work so well when scanning a local television station vs one of the larger networks.

So again in summary, looking for an app that will turn my android smart phone into a remote microphone and transmit audio to my aids.

Thank You


TV connector should be programmable by you without the audiologist doing anything. But I think that it’s limited to two connectors to a set of Marvel hearing aids.

Do you mean via microphones on the phone or Bluetooth? If you mean via Bluetooth, I think the answer is no. Phones at this point are not allowed by their manufacturers to function as Bluetooth sinks. If you mean via the microphones, well yes, there are apps. A few have been mentioned on these forums (eg Chatable which seems to be in some kind of closed beta). The ones I tried a few years ago had high latency that made them unusable for your purpose. Android phones vary wildly in their audio latency and I don’t think any of them are outstanding in that respect.

Sorry if I didn’t explain myself clearly. Let me try again. I’d like to lay the phone next to the TV speaker and have the TV audio transmitted to my hearing aids. I am looking for an alternative to purchasing another Phonak TV link or if I am at someone else’s home.

I tried Google Sound Amplifier, but not good results.

Your question is coming again and again. Till now I haven’t found or read an answer or solution to your problem.
What you want to achieve is part of iOS and hearing aid manufacturer implementing MFi. Phonak/Sonova does not support MFi and as far as I know they won’t do it in the future.

You’ve already alluded to Roger devices. It means laying out more money but at least it’s portable. Never used one so can’t speak to the results.

I think we were on the same page more or less. You’re after an alternative to Sound Amplifier. I’m assuming your Phonak hearing aids are Bluetooth Classic? If so, you’re going to get latency that will kill the experience for you and that will happen regardless of what app you use to turn your
android into a remote microphone. I don’t see any way around that.

Phonak has a PartnerMic that works with the Marvel aids. Much cheaper than the Roger equipment.