App size help needed

Over the past couple weeks my home screen app size has gotten smaller and smaller and getting slower by the day to open. I use the app on a galaxy S22. Is there an update for the app I’m using available? At this point I’m not even sure where the app came from so I can look for updates!

You haven’t said which app. With out that information it is impossible to help.

Honestly I don’t know which app or how I got it. iirc it came directly from the forum, does that make sense!

If I google search hearing tracker and then click on a link it directly opens the app

I can’t seem to see what you are I hope someone on the forum can help you.

Clear as mud, I’m afraid!

I searched “apps on hearing tracker” on the hearing tracker search, no help
I searched hearing tracker on Google and a couple of scrolls down there are the icons for the top hearing aid manufacturers.
Do any of those look familiar?
Does any of the text in the link help?

Check for the app on the Google store. There you can see if the app has an update or you can uninstall the app

It’s entirely possibly it’s just a shortcut I created and added to my home screen! But I’m not sure why it would be acting so slow over the past couple weeks.

How do others here access hearing tracker while using a smart phone?

Just go on my safari on my iPhone.

Having an App would make life a lot easier tho but I don’t believe there is one.


I use chrome on my iphone and macbook. I have an app on my ipad. DiscourseHub. This forum is based on discourse software, I believe. It could be that app, but my money is on a shortcut.


Don’t worry you aren’t crazy I have that app too ‘Hearing Aid’, it’s on my Android home screen: it was originally a download from the forum web page.
If you’ve already downloaded it I don’t think that the link shows again unless you clear your cookies for the forum.

For me it just zooms in and out with pinches like any other app.
It’s possible that a system wide setting is causing your issue but if you don’t see it elsewhere then it’s probably
app specific.
If it’s moving on it’s own maybe your screen is dirty?

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I wouldn’t mind clearing cookies but that’s not as straight forward here as one would hope!
Mine doesn’t zoom in and out or at all(all my many other apps are acting perfectly) it’s just gotten so tiny that the logo cannot be seen as anything other than a tiny tiny speck…
It sure was a nice app when it worked properly!

That’s really weird!
I just tried ‘Incognito Mode’ which should be equivalent to no cookies but I still couldn’t find it anywhere: frustrating as I only downloaded it a few days ago.

It says installed by Google Play Store but then it isn’t there when I check.
Very confusing: maybe someone can jump in who knows more about this Android app called ‘Hearing Aid’ that is installed via this forum website?

Here’s a previous inquiry regarding adding an app.

Seems Discourse hub works, tho I’ve not tried it.
As old and shaky as i am, I need my windoze PC with keyboard & mouse to navigate!

Seems not to be a very important issue w/admins.
@AbramBaileyAuD R U reading this?
@rasmus_braun R U?

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I have and use the app from the App Store discord hub, I used to use the emails from hearing tracker to get in. But they have gone from daily to maybe 1 or 2 a week being sent now so I can’t rely on them to get in anymore. I find the discord hub app very easy to use.

Thanks for doing that, much appreciated as I’m new around here.
We both actually downloaded this app from the hearing tracker forum website very recently, it even has the official logo, hence all the confusion.
It presents itself as an official and dedicated Hearing Tracker app but seems to have now vanished.

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That definitely looks authentic, but searching the google play store, and this site comes up empty.
Some kind of voodoo?

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Go to setting…Apps…and find it.

Seems they don’t pay much attention these days!

Hi guys. We don’t develop the app. In fact, from my understanding, the app is merely a launcher for a chrome instance that runs the website. So, your best bet is to probably just bookmark the site on your home screen in your preferred browser or if you want to ask for app improvements take it to where support for our forum platform is provided.