App settings question

Let’s say I change the equalizer settings for the (Universal, All-Around) program in the (Widex Beyond, Resound Smart 3D) app. Next time the hearing aids are turned off and on, will they come up with the changed equalizer settings or the default settings? If the aids come up with default settings, will they pick up the changed settings next time I open the app, or will I have to set them again?

Resound comes up reset. However, there is a work around. Set the favorite option to your location with everything set to what you wish. It will then change the vanilla setting to what you’d changed based on location. (Home)

With the ReSound App, you can save the settings for a specific location. When you first turn on the aids, they will use their default settings. Then when you start the App, it will check your list of favorite locations. If it finds that you are in one of your favorites, the App asks if you want to change to your settings to those for that location. If you answer yes, they change. If you answer no they stay on the default.

I have Favorites set for home, the gym, and our favorite restaurant. The Favorite settings for home have the bass and treble pumped up so I can hear the TV better.

I have the Resound Linx3Ds. I use the iPhone app.
Any time the hearing aids are power cycled, the will come back up on the universal program with flat eq.

The app will come up showing the program the hearing aids are using.

You can save a favorite with modified eq for universal. Then simply change to that at power up.

The favorites are stored in the app. Programs are stored in the hearing aid.

If you close the app and open it later, it will reopen in whichever program the hearing aids are in.