App on iPhone to subscribe and read hearing aid forums?

Hi, I’ve been a long time user and have been away. I’d love to rejoin the community and participate in the discussion if there’s an app. Is there an app that can leverage this forum to keep track of threads and get push notifications on the phone? I get far too many emails nowadays

@gkumar I’m not sure but it might, might not also come in through IPB BUDDY. If you know all the details to enter.

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You could try it in Feedly. If there is an RSS feed Feedly is excellent but I don’t think there is RSS. Could be wrong. Or just create a shortcut by clicking the square with an upwards arrow in it in Safari while in the forum homepage and click add to home screen. It will look like an app. But is just a shortcut. You can edit email prefs in the settings?

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Tapatalk is a good app for subscribing to various forums.

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I always found Tapatalk awkward and irritating. YMMV.

I found that HearingTracker has a very good mobile format that automatically configures when you open it in a mobile browser. I just bookmarked the forum page on my Android phone (Samsung Note 10+/Android 9.0) and I just click into it in the Chrome browser. Look and feel is great, better than any app I’ve used.


Thank you all! I will try Tapatalk and IPB and see how it works. I agree mobile website is great except for the lack of push notifications.

Upon using Tapatalk, I noticed that the forum cannot be found via Hearing Tracker or its URL.

Upon Googling, the forum admin may need to enable a Tapatalk plug-in in order to allow the forum to be added in Tapatalk. Do you know who can help with this?

@AbramBaileyAuD would you kindly be able to help?