App for Samsung S5

Darn if I didn’t just upgrade to Lollipop! Then I said to myself, I wonder if the new app is available for this phone. So as it goes after upgrading to the S5 so I could use the new app from Resound, I can’t use the new app from resound!

Does any one know how to go back to the old version of android or when the ‘new improved’ version of the resound app will be available.

Thanks in advance…

The updated app won’t be available until May. It’s possible to downgrade your Android version, see here:

I assume you are talking about the Control app. What happens when you try to install it?

thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.
it says it won’t work with the app. I installed it anyway and when running it it says right away it won’t work with lollipop. It is the control app.

It’s the Smart app that’s incompatible with Android 5.0, not the Control app.

Yes it is the smart app. I looked at that link and that is very interesting. I just might take the phone back and get another one instead. Am I assuming correctly if I did a factory reset that it would not revert back to the original version of android that came on the phone?
thanks again,

I did not know the smart app was out for Android. Very interesting.

I would guess no, but I don’t know for sure. It is not just a matter of reverting back. The old version would have to be re-installed (downloaded) if not stored somewhere on the phone. But, your carrier can help you re-install the original OS, either on a chat, over a phone call, or if you take it in. There is not another Android phone that runs the Smart App. It sounds like they will get it going in two months anyway.

All of this is confusing. I understand that, for what ever reason, regular smart phone aren’t compatible with the aids. I’m going to assume that the low power aspect of the aids’ components cannot service sound transmission. Any programmer worth his salt should be able to interrogate the phone components and enable/disable features. Yet the added control services for the newer aid break so much. It is a programming truism that you work hard to avoid breaking previous versions. Android isn’t the greatest OS for this but it isn’t the worst either.

If you want my guess, it is the proprietary nature of these manufacturers that is the source of this mediocrity. The not-invented-here egos are at the fore and profit based. There is no standards committees for HA’s. Neither are their published API. It is a disgusting business bent on grabbing the last nickle.

The standard for BLE (Bluetooth Smart) does not include a streaming audio profile so the development of audio over BLE is outside the “standard”, and is, for now, proprietary. Not that many phone models have BLE either, so for now it will just be a model by model progression. For the Resound app there is the iphone and for Android the Samsung Galaxy S5 and probably the S6 coming very soon.

Don, that wasn’t what I was arguing/saying. I understand that audio transmission is iffy/limited in scope. What I am saying is that the application can disable that on a non-compliant phone while allowing all the rest to function. The old control could adjust the volume (talks and streaming) and adjust program selection. The newer model adds features such as treble adjustment and that isn’t available to other phones that can support such control. There is no reason that the same software cannot service all phones with as much of the features available as the phone can support. The phone software can then provide all the features that phone is capable of. Not to do that in the software seems slipshod programming to me. I’ve done a lot of component/hardware programming over the years and it is pretty simple to do and adjust for in varied environments. Addressing a control port or polled port from a serial or parallel device structure only requires simple info.

I do understand the bottom line mentality of corporations today. If the various manufactures would just put phones out with pure android systems on them and not loaded up with tons of stuff there wouldn’t be as many problems trying to get hearing aid apps to work properly from one version of android to another, don’t you agree? I’m appalled at all the ‘come ons’ loaded on this phone. But I guess they have to make their profit somehow and If they can get the consumer to buy their other products all the better for them. I tried the streaming audio and it is horrible for music. Can’t expect much coming from such a small platform as a hearing aid can we? For phone conversations it is fine, just not for any serious music listening.
I did talk to the verison rep and he said even if he helped me go back to the original android that came on the phone it would void the warranty.
so much for customer service.

Gene, it isn’t simple to do. The additional devices are there for a reason. The battery in your aid is, I think, 1.4V or thereabout. The supporting devices and android phones and such are 5V. That difference allows transmission of stronger signals (wider bandwidth) to go to the low power device where receiving has lower power requirements. Putting android on a HA would make the hearing aids the size of a phone – may not quite but you get the idea.

The real problem is the control that the manufacturer exerts on what is there. It is all proprietary and limiting access to what can be accomplished. You are at their mercy.

Power is the true limiting factor. Your phone can use ISM/2.4G to send not only sound but picture to a smart TV. That’s because it can devote more power to the process which provides the bandwidth and speed that allows that. Bluetooth is a lower power device with greater efficiency and why they are using it for omnidirectional sound. It is much about compromises. At least that’s my take.

I got a response from Resound. They will be up to date with lollipop in May. I’m going to wait it out. Im not having problems with lollipop like other people are. It did seam to clear up a problem I’ve had inputting my password or other numerical data when that data starts with the number 1. The screen would go blank for a few seconds and come back w/o the input. Had to keep trying till it was accepted. Not doing that anymore.

I’m guessing they don’t think it is worthwhile to offer the same app without the BLE features for other phones, or, maybe it does all the control changes (volume, program number, treble, etc.) over BLE and they don’t want to have two versions of that functionality? You are right, there is no technical reason one app could not offer all the features that particular phone is capable of. The Control app still works for the basics. I used mine last night to adjust the microphone level during streaming from TV so my wife and I could have those important conversations about the talent levels and performances during American Idol.