AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! Collaborate On Web Video Captioning

There’s some GREAT news in the captioning world this week from the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) at WGBH, the public broadcasting station in Boston. AOL, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to collaborate with NCAM to establish and manage a new International Captioning Forum to set standards for captioning on any kind of video presented on the Web. This critical mass of industry leaders provides real hope that captioning on the Web will one day be as common as closed-captioning on TV, which is now required in the U.S. by the Federal Communications Commission.

It follows other recent positive developments, including Apple making its Quicktime video player caption-friendly, and NBC making a bold decision to invest in captioning for all its prime-time shows that are streamed over the web.

It’s yet another breakthrough move by NCAM and WGBH, which have led the way in not only advocating for accessible media in all forms – whether it be captioning on TV or in the movies, or audio description technology for blind moviegoers, or the booming video-on-the Web medium – but also in actually making it happen.