Anyone with the locked volume control?

Has anyone got the locked volume control? It’s a junior thing but I was thinking about getting it as I never change my volume control and have a my pilot anyway.

Could you show a picture of what the Naida would look like without a volume control? Can not find any sort of picture on Google .


Just have the audiologist deactivate the VC. It won’t matter what you do to it,it won’t make any changes

Oh goodie. We get rid of one person who seems to enjoy pushing buttons to be replaced with another.

You CAN get a Naida without a VC, but it’s the new H2O model and it’s a little smaller than the standard Naida’s with the VC and MB. The H2O has a MB and uses the RIC coupling system…so it may not be appropriate for your loss.

If you don’t use the VC though there’s no need to have the VC removed, like I said, just have your pro go into the software and de-activate the VC. You can do this without de-activating the MB in case you use it still.

ALL Naida can have the VC removed and replaced by a cover ---- the pin holding the rocker switch needs to be removed and then the cover placed in the remaining “hole” …

Interesting. I can see how this would be good for a child…my point to the original poster is that as an adult, he doesn’t need to actually go that far…just have it deactivated. Either way would work, one just requires far less modification.